Graduate Student Handbook

Approved 400-level Courses for Graduate Credit

Note: Course descriptions can be found in the University Bulletin.

Non-IE courses

Any 400-level ACCTG course

ECON 402: Decision Making and Strategy in Economics

EMCH 461/ME 461: Finite Elements in Engineering

FDSC 430: Unit Operations in Food Processing

Any 400-level FIN course

MGMT 427: Managing an Entrepreneurial Start-Up Company

MKTG 437: Advanced Retailing and Merchandise Management

STAT 460: Intermediate Applied Statistics, STAT 463: Applied Time Series Analysis, STAT 464: Applied Nonparametric Statistics

EGEE 497: Fuel Cells

MATSE 425: Processing of Metals, MATSE 450/ESC 450: Synthesis and Processing of Electronic and Photonic Materials

MATH 416/STAT 416: Stochastic Modeling, MATH 451/CMPSC 451: Numerical Computations, MATH 456/CMPSC 456: Introduction to Numerical Analysis II, MATH 485: Graph Theory, MATH 486: Mathematical Theory of Games

PHIL 432/STS 432: Medical and Health Care Ethics (if student interest in health systems)

IST 413: Usability Engineering, IST 462: Database Modeling and Applications, IST 497: Consulting and Project Management

PSYCH 413: Cognitive Development, PSYCH 421: Self and Social Judgment, PSYCH 422: Human Sexuality, PSYCH 423: Social Psychology of Interpersonal/Intergroup Relationships, PSYCH 456: Advanced Cognitive Psychology, PSYCH 452: Learning and Memory

MIS 404: Introduction to ERP and Business Processes, MIS 431: Business Data Management, MIS 479W: Enterprise Information Systems 

ME 497: Fuel Cell Engines

SCM 400: Transport Planning, SCM 405: Manufacturing and Services Strategies, SCM 406: Strategic Procurement, SCM 421: Supply Chain Analytics, SCM 450W: Strategic Design and Management of Supply Chains

WP 416: Wood Industries Management Development, WP 497: Wood Industries Management Development

I E Courses

IE 402: Advanced Engineering Economy

IE 428: Metal Casting

IE 454: Applied Decision Analysis

IE 456/ME 456: Industrial Robot Applications

IE 462: Introduction to Expert Systems

IE 468: Optimization Modeling and Methods

IE 478: Retail Services Engineering

IE 479/EDSGN 479: Human Centered Product Design and Innovation

IE 497: Laser Processing

IE 497: Micro/Nano Fabrication

IE 497: Biomedical Process and Production Engineering

IE 497: Data Envelopment Analysis 

In general, it is recommended that students check with the graduate program coordinator before taking any IE or non-IE 400-level courses.



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