Undergraduate Student Handbook

IE Course Prerequisites

The department cannot stress enough the importance of having the proper prerequisites/co-requisites when scheduling courses. At the beginning of every semester, faculty receive a list from the College of students enrolled in their courses who do not meet the proper prerequisites/co-requisites. It is fully within the faculty member’s right to disenroll a student from a course if he/she does not meet the proper criteria (please check here for more information).

Trying to rearrange your schedule at the beginning of a semester is not easy and a course that you need/want may not be available. Also, do not assume that if you are taking a prerequisite concurrently, that you will be allowed to stay in the class. This is not, in general, acceptable. Please use the table below to ensure you meet the prerequisite/co-requisite requirements before scheduling a course. 

Note: Check with the undergraduate staff assistant for a listing of electives offered under the IE 497.

Course No. Course Title Prerequisite Prerequisite/Concurrent
IE 302 Engineering Economy MATH 141
IE 305 Product Design, Specification and Measurement MATSE 259
IE 306 Machining Process Design & Analysis IE 305, IE 322
IE 307 Additive Manufacturing Process and Reverse Engineering IE 305
IE 311 Principles of Solidification Processing IE 305
IE 322 Probabilistic Models in Industrial Engineering MATH 141
IE 323 Statistical Methods in Industrial Engineering IE 322
IE 327 Introduction to Work Design MATH 141 EMCH 210 or EMCH 211
IE 330 Engineering Analytics CMPSC 200 or CMPSC 201, IE 322
IE 402 Advanced Engineering Economy IE 302, IE 322, IE 405
IE 405 Deterministic Models in Operations Research MATH 220
IE 408 Cognitive Work Design IE 327
IE 418 Human/Computer Interface Design IE 327 and CMPSC 200 or CMPSC 201
IE 419 Work Design - Productivity and Safety IE 327
IE 425 Stochastic Models in Operations Research IE 322 and MATH 220
IE 428 Metal Casting IE 311 or IE 312, or METAL 408
IE 433 Regression Analysis and Design of Experiments IE 323
IE 434 Statistical Quality Control IE 323
IE 436 Six Sigma Methodology IE 323
IE 453 Simulation Modeling for Decision Support IE 323, IE 425, CMPSC 200, CMPSC 201, or CMPSC 202
IE 454 Applied Decision Analysis IE 322
IE 456/ME 456 Industrial Robot Applications MATH 220, MATH 250, or MATH 251, IE 305 or ME 360
IE 460 Service Systems Engineering IE 322 and IE 405
IE 462 Introduction to Expert Systems CMPSC 200, CMPSC 201, or CMPSC 202, IE 323
IE 463 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing IE 305
IE 466 Concurrent Engineering MATH 141, MATH 220
IE 467 Facility Layout and Material Handling IE 322, IE 405
IE 468 Optimization Modeling and Methods IE 405, MATH 231
IE 470 Manufacturing System Design and Analysis A manufacturing process elective
IE 477 Computer Control of Manufacturing Machines and Processes MATH 141, CMPSC 200, CMPSC 201, or CMPSC 202, IE 305
IE 478 Retail Service Engineering IE 330
IE 479/EDSGN 479 Human Centered Product Design and Innovation IE 408 or IE 419
IE 480W Capstone Design Project IE 302, IE 305, IE 323, IE 327, IE 330, IE 405

NOTE: All course descriptions can be found in LionPATH.



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