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  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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Machining, process planning, tolerancing, metrology, electronic assembly





Journal Articles

  • Abhijeet Golhar, Yiran Jiang, El Amine Lehtihet and Ed DeMeter, 2020, "Producibility of Composite Position Tolerances: Machining Experiments", ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, pp. 11
  • Yang Lu, Rakshith Badarinath, El Amine Lehtihet, Ed DeMeter and T. Simpson, 2018, "Experimental Sampling of Z axis Error and Laser Error of an EOSINT 280 DMLS Machine", Journal of Additive Manufacturing, 21, (2018), pp. 501-516
  • S. Wang, R. Badarinath, E.A. Lehtihet, V. Pra andhu, , 2017, "Evaluation of Additive Manufacturing Processes in Fabrication of a Personal Robot", International Journal of Automation Technology, 11, (1), pp. 20-37
  • K. Tong, S. Joshi and El-Amine Lehtihet, 2008, "Error Compensation for FDM Machine by Correction SSL Files", Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping Journal, 14, (1), pp. 4-14
  • K. Tong, E. Castillo, T. Cavalier, El-Amine Lehtihet and S. Joshi, 2007, "D-Optimal Design of Artifacts Used in Machine Software Error Compensation", International Journal of Production Research, pp. 1-18
  • M. Xie, El-Amine Lehtihet and T. M. Cavalier, 2004, "A numerical approximation approach to the producibility of composite position tolerance specifications for patterns of holes", International Journal of Production Research, 42, (2), pp. 246-266
  • T. W. Simpson, D. J. Medeiros, S. Joshi, El-Amine Lehtihet, R. A. Wysk, G. R. Pierce and T. A. Litzinger, 2004, "IME Inc. A New Course for Integrating Design, Manufacturing, and Production Into the Manufacturing Curriculum", International Journal of Engineering Education, 20, (5), pp. 764-776
  • K. Tong, El-Amine Lehtihet and S. Joshi, 2004, "Software Compensation of Rapid Prototyping Machines", Precision Engineering, 28, pp. 280-292
  • R. McGarvey, T. M. Cavalier, El-Amine Lehtihet and E. Castillo, 2004, "A Unified Framework for Probabilistic Sequential Tolerance Control", International Journal of Production Research, 42, (7), pp. 1443-1453

Conference Proceedings

  • El-Amine Lehtihet, S.N.R Kantareddy, B.M Roh, T Simpson, S Joshi and E.A. Lehtihet, 2016, "Saving Weight with Metallic Structures: Design Challenges with a real world example"

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  • Committee Work, Committee Member, Academic Integrity Committee, January 2020 - December 2020
  • Committee Work, Chairperson, Department P&T, June 2020 - 2022

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