Professor Amine Lehitet and an industrial engineering student in the Precision and Quality Measurements Lab in the department of industrial and manufacturing engineering at Penn State.

Precision and Quality Measurements Lab

Located in 243 Leonhard Building, the Precision and Quality Measurements Lab is structured to operate as an instructional and research facility for both discrete measurements and machine tool metrology.

The lab is equipped with to Ziess contact Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and an OGP non-contact optical CMM in a controlled environment to allow for accurate discrete part metrology. Two FARO arms provide additional capability for mold and casting qualification on the shop floor of the Factory for Advanced Manufacturing Education Lab.

In addition, a large area with six measurement stations provides an array of conventional measurement equipment including granite and cast iron flats, an optical comparator, roundness tester, laser micrometers, high-accuracy Mitutoyo digital height gages, gage block sets, and assorted handheld measurement tools such as micrometers, calipers, and depth and bore gauges.

The lab is also suited with two laser interferometers (Renishaw and Optodyne) with a full assortment of optics required to qualify machine tools, such as the machining centers of the FAME area or the CMMs in the lab. Two Mahr Federal electronic levels complete the tools necessary to qualify all six degrees of freedom of translating axis.

The lab houses a spindle checker for spindle rotation errors and thermal drift, as well as a complete Renishaw ball bar system for machine tool circular interpolation checks and diagnostics. A Renishaw machine checking gauge and an assortment of calibration step and ring gauges complete the set of hardware and tools available in the lab.

As an example of ongoing work in the lab, the machine tool metrology equipment is being configured to qualify part of the error budge of an EOS 3D metal printing machine.

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