IME PhD Student Directory

Photo of Omar Abbaas

Omar Abbaas

Photo of Sara Abu Aridah

Sara Abu Aridah

Photo of Toyosi Ademujimi

Toyosi Ademujimi

Photo of Ibrahim Al Takroni

Ibrahim Al Takroni

Photo of Hassan Alamoudi

Hassan Alamoudi

Photo of Abdullah Almasad

Abdullah Almasad

Photo of Omran Alomran

Omran Alomran

Photo of Haya Alshayji

Haya Alshayji

Photo of Yulin An

Yulin An

Photo of Ashwin Anand

Ashwin Anand

Photo of Rakshith Badarinath

Rakshith Badarinath

Photo of Amirreza Bagherzadehkhorasani

Amirreza Bagherzadehkhorasani

Photo of Mohammed Buqammaz

Mohammed Buqammaz

Photo of Chakapan Chanpilom

Chakapan Chanpilom

Photo of Yuqing (Alex) Chen

Yuqing (Alex) Chen

Photo of Yu-Hsin (Cindy) Chen

Yu-Hsin (Cindy) Chen

Photo of Zijia Chen

Zijia Chen

Photo of Chetan Chimate

Chetan Chimate

Photo of Joong-Hun Choi

Joong-Hun Choi

Photo of Courtney Cole

Courtney Cole

Photo of Dyutimoy Das

Dyutimoy Das

Photo of Snehal Dhengre

Snehal Dhengre

Photo of Gianni Di Carlo

Gianni Di Carlo

Photo of Shantanab Dinda

Shantanab Dinda

Photo of Linrui Duan

Linrui Duan

Photo of Foxian Fan

Foxian Fan

Photo of Zixuan Feng

Zixuan Feng

Photo of Filbert Giovanni

Filbert Giovanni

Photo of Jessica Gonzalez-Vargas

Jessica Gonzalez-Vargas

Photo of Christie Hasbrouck

Christie Hasbrouck

Photo of Linyun He

Linyun He

Photo of Lingyun He

Lingyun He

Photo of Seth Hostetler

Seth Hostetler

Photo of Qianyu Hu

Qianyu Hu

Photo of Siyi Huang

Siyi Huang

Photo of Paronkasom Indradat

Paronkasom Indradat

Photo of Ashish Jacob

Ashish Jacob

Photo of Lan Jin

Lan Jin

Photo of Jihyun Jo

Jihyun Jo

Photo of Aseel Khanfar

Aseel Khanfar

Photo of Haedong Kim

Haedong Kim

Photo of Emre Kocak

Emre Kocak

Photo of Alexander Krall

Alexander Krall

Photo of Sandeep Krishnakumar

Sandeep Krishnakumar

Photo of Amol Ajitrao Kulkarni

Amol Ajitrao Kulkarni

Photo of Vishnu Kumar

Vishnu Kumar

Photo of Timothy Kuo

Timothy Kuo

Photo of Hankang Lee

Hankang Lee

Photo of Kyubok Lee

Kyubok Lee

Photo of Hongliang Li

Hongliang Li

Photo of Xinru Li

Xinru Li

Photo of Frederick Lia

Frederick Lia

Photo of Meng Liu

Meng Liu

Photo of Runsang Liu

Runsang Liu

Photo of Qingyuan Lu

Qingyuan Lu

Photo of Yang Lu

Yang Lu

Photo of Shubo Lyu

Shubo Lyu

Photo of Zheng Ma

Zheng Ma

Photo of Qiaochu Ma

Qiaochu Ma

Photo of Luke Marrinan

Luke Marrinan

Photo of Mihir Mehta

Mihir Mehta

Photo of Kevin Mekulu

Kevin Mekulu

Photo of Rob Newton

Rob Newton

Photo of Bo Nie

Bo Nie

Photo of Hannah Nolte

Hannah Nolte

Photo of Mary Ogidigben

Mary Ogidigben

Photo of Adhithya Padmanabhan

Adhithya Padmanabhan

Photo of Bo Pan

Bo Pan

Photo of Chintan Patil

Chintan Patil

Photo of William Peck

William Peck

Photo of Aoran Peng

Aoran Peng

Photo of Jongchan Pyeon

Jongchan Pyeon

Photo of Noriana Radwan

Noriana Radwan

Photo of Gabriel Reimao Maggi Nicolosi Rocha

Gabriel Reimao Maggi Nicolosi Rocha

Photo of Mustafa Rifat

Mustafa Rifat

Photo of Justin Rist

Justin Rist

Photo of Debrina Roy

Debrina Roy

Photo of Samantha Scarpinella

Samantha Scarpinella

Photo of Kazi Safowan Shahed

Kazi Safowan Shahed

Photo of Shiyu Sun

Shiyu Sun

Photo of Xiaomei Tan

Xiaomei Tan

Photo of Kai-Wen Tien

Kai-Wen Tien

Photo of Hakan Toykoc

Hakan Toykoc

Photo of Haroula Tzamaras

Haroula Tzamaras

Photo of Sushant Varghese

Sushant Varghese

Photo of Marta Ventura

Marta Ventura

Photo of Ankur Verma

Ankur Verma

Photo of Mingrui Wang

Mingrui Wang

Photo of Qiushui Xu

Qiushui Xu

Photo of Yifang (Javier) Yan

Yifang (Javier) Yan

Photo of Haoqing Yang

Haoqing Yang

Photo of Rey Zafarnejad

Rey Zafarnejad

Photo of Peixuan Zhang

Peixuan Zhang

Photo of Jie Zhang

Jie Zhang

Photo of Juchen Zhang

Juchen Zhang

Photo of Zexi Zhang

Zexi Zhang

Photo of Siqi Zhang

Siqi Zhang

Photo of Xuan Zhang

Xuan Zhang

Photo of Xueqi Zhao

Xueqi Zhao

Photo of Zhongkun Zhao

Zhongkun Zhao



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