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Hongtao Sun

Assistant Professor
Graduate Faculty, IGDP Materials Science and Engineering


  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

220 Leonhard Building


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Nanomanufacturing, additive manufacturing, field-assisted sintering, fiber engineering, nanoscience and nanotechnology, nanocomposites, smart/functional materials, metamaterials, energy storage, thermal management, sensing and detection.




  • BS, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 2007
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University, 2010
  • Ph D, Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2014


Journal Articles

  • Junfei Liang, Hongtao Sun, Zipeng Zhao, Yiliu Wang, Zhiying Feng, Jian Zhu, Lin Guo, Yu Huang and Xiangfeng Duan, 2019, "Ultra-high Areal Capacity Realized in Three-Dimensional Holey Graphene/SnO2 Composite Anodes", iScience, 19, pp. 728 - 736
  • Xiang Xu, Qiangqiang Zhang, Menglong Hao, Yuan Hu, Zhaoyang Lin, Lele Peng, Tao Wang, Xuexin Ren, Chen Wang, Zipeng Zhao, Chengzhang Wan, Huilong Fei, Lei Wang, Jian Zhu, Hongtao Sun, Wenli Chen, Tao Du, Biwei Deng, Gary J. Cheng, Imran Shakir, Chris Dames, Timothy S. Fisher, Xiang Zhang, Hui Li, Yu Huang and Xiangfeng Duan, 2019, "Double-negative-index ceramic aerogels for thermal superinsulation", SCIENCE, 363, (6428), pp. 723-+
  • Hongtao Sun, Jian Zhu, Daniel Baumann, Lele Peng, Yuxi Xu, Imran Shakir, Yu Huang and Xiangfeng Duan, 2019, "Hierarchical 3D electrodes for electrochemical energy storage", NATURE REVIEWS MATERIALS, 4, (1), pp. 45-60
  • Hongtao Sun, Lin Mei, Junfei Liang, Zipeng Zhao, Chain Lee, Huilong Fei, Mengning Ding, Jonathan Lau, Mufan Li, Chen Wang, Xu Xu, Guolin Hao, Benjamin Papandrea, Imran Shakir, Bruce Dunn, Yu Huang and Xiangfeng Duan, 2017, "Three-dimensional holey-graphene/niobia composite architectures for ultrahigh-rate energy storage", SCIENCE, 356, (6338), pp. 599-604
  • Jian Zhu, Yu Shan, Tao Wang, Hongtao Sun, Zipeng Zhao, Lin Mei, Zheng Fan, Zhi Xu, Imran Shakir, Yu Huang, Bingan Lu and Xiangfeng Duan, 2016, "A hyperaccumulation pathway to three-dimensional hierarchical porous nanocomposites for highly robust high-power electrodes", NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 7
  • Guoqing Xin, Tiankai Yao, Hongtao Sun, Spencer Michael Scott, Dali Shao, Gongkai Wang and Jie Lian, 2015, "Highly thermally conductive and mechanically strong graphene fibers", SCIENCE, 349, (6252), pp. 1083-1087
  • Dali Shao, Jian Gao, Philippe Chow, Hongtao Sun, Guoqing Xin, Prachi Sharma, Jie Lian, Nikhil A. Koratkar and Shayla Sawyer, 2015, "Organic-Inorganic Heterointerfaces for Ultrasensitive Detection of Ultraviolet Light", NANO LETTERS, 15, (6), pp. 3787-3792
  • Dali Shao, Hongtao Sun, Jian Gao, Guoqing Xin, Mark Anthony Aguilar, Tiankai Yao, Nikhil Koratkar, Jie Lian and Shayla Sawyer, 2014, "Flexible, thorn-like ZnO-multiwalled carbon nanotube hybrid paper for efficient ultraviolet sensing and photocatalyst applications", NANOSCALE, 6, (22), pp. 13630-13636
  • Hongtao Sun, Guoqing Xin, Tao Hu, Mingpeng Yu, Dali Shao, Xiang Sun and Jie Lian, 2014, "High-rate lithiation-induced reactivation of mesoporous hollow spheres for long-lived lithium-ion batteries", NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 5
  • Tiankai Yao, Fengyuan Lu, Hongtao Sun, Jianwei Wang, Rodney C. Ewing and Jie Lian, 2014, "Bulk Iodoapatite Ceramic Densified by Spark Plasma Sintering with Exceptional Thermal Stability", JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 97, (8), pp. 2409-2412
  • Guoqing Xin, Hongtao Sun, Tao Hu, Hafez Raeisi Fard, Xiang Sun, Nikhil Koratkar, Theodorian Borca-Tasciuc and Jie Lian, 2014, "Large-Area Freestanding Graphene Paper for Superior Thermal Management", ADVANCED MATERIALS, 26, (26), pp. 4521-+
  • Hongtao Sun, Xiang Sun, Mingpeng Yu, Ashish Kumar Mishra, Liping Huang and Jie Lian, 2014, "Silica-Gold Core-Shell Nanosphere for Ultrafast Dynamic Nanothermometer", ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, 24, (16), pp. 2389-2395
  • Guoqing Xin, Hongtao Sun, Spencer Michael Scott, Tiankai Yao, Fengyuan Lu, Dali Shao, Tao Hu, Gongkai Wang, Guang Ran and Jie Lian, 2014, "Advanced Phase Change Composite by Thermally Annealed Defect-Free Graphene for Thermal Energy Storage", ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 6, (17), pp. 15262-15271
  • Dali Shao, Hongtao Sun, Mingpeng Yu, Jie Lian and Shayla Sawyer, 2012, "Enhanced Ultraviolet Emission from Poly(vinyl alcohol) ZnO Nanoparticles Using a SiO2-Au Core/Shell Structure", NANO LETTERS, 12, (11), pp. 5840-5844

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