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Society of Women Engineers wins national award for eighth consecutive year


For the eighth consecutive year, the Penn State Society of Women Engineers received the Outstanding Collegiate Section Gold Mission Award at the annual SWE national conference (WE21), the largest conference for women in engineering and technology.

College of Engineering fall 2021 student marshal named


Harshin Hiten Shah, a dual major in computer science and mathematics, was named the College of Engineering’s student marshal for Penn State University Park's fall commencement on Dec. 18.

Mechanical engineer awarded grant to investigate supercurrent phenomena in heat


The scientific advisory board of The Charles E. Kaufman Foundation has announced $2.1 million in grants for early-career and established scientists at Pennsylvania universities.

Pauley named interim executive director of Faculty Senate


Laura Pauley, professor of mechanical engineering and former Penn State Faculty Senate secretary, has been appointed the Faculty Senate's interim executive director.

Symposium provides undergrads a showcase for research, communication skills


For the last two semesters, undergraduate students across Penn State's STEM fields joined research groups and conducted hands-on work, part of programs aimed at getting women, first-year students and other students from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM their first exposure to research.

Remembering mechanical engineering professor Savas Yavuzkurt


The Penn State College of Engineering community is mourning the loss of Savas Yavuzkurt, professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, who died on Nov. 18 at the age of 70.

$500,000 gift supports creation of engineering entrepreneurship hub


Peter and Angela Dal Pezzo believe engineers make great entrepreneurs. This personal principle motivated the couple to contribute to the College of Engineering West Campus expansion.

Deep learning to make nanoscale designs more robust against defects


Optical metasurfaces, ultrathin interfaces made up of uniform nanoscale structures, change the behavior of light waves hitting them to produce effects ranging from unique reflection and transmission properties to lens distortion removal.

Grant enables research into catalysts for more sustainable hydrogen production


Fuel cells running on hydrogen gas could serve as a gasoline alternative in cars of the future.

New chemical engineering faculty to explore sustainable fuels, depollution


Two new faculty members will join the Penn State Department of Chemical Engineering. Gina Noh and Ezra Clark will start in their new roles on Jan. 1, 2022.

Physics-informed deep learning to assess carbon dioxide storage sites


Pumping carbon dioxide underground may help combat the warming of the atmosphere but finding appropriate underground sites that could safely serve as reservoirs can be complicated.

Flightpath to sustainable aircraft possible with $1.5M NASA grant


In their latest effort to advance sustainability and decrease the carbon footprint of commercial aircrafts, researchers in Penn State's Steady Thermal Aero Research Turbine Laboratory, known as the START Lab, received $1.5 million in funding from NASA through collaborations with Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies.

Leonhard Center faculty receive dual grants to advance engineering education


Penn State College of Engineering's Leonhard Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Education recently received a grant from the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) to develop a new workshop series for engineering faculty.

Penn State faculty awarded funding to advance public good


As public interest technology advances, more researchers across disciplines are working to apply technology to serve the public good, such as advancing equity and social justice through technology and fostering the integration of scientific insight into policymaking.

Engineering professor named Air Force Young Investigator


The United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research recently awarded Shengxi Huang, assistant professor of electrical engineering and biomedical engineering at Penn State, a Young Investigator Research Program grant to investigate fundamental, new ways to create next-generation sensors, with the goal of improving a myriad of applications in electromagnetics.

Air accessibility: Most commercial planes could accommodate personal wheelchairs


Many U.S. passenger airplanes could accommodate personal powered wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs often customized to the user, according to a report?from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Biomedical engineers find neural activity during rest is highly organized


When mice rest, individual neurons fire in seconds-long, coordinated cascades, triggering activity across the brain, according to research from Penn State and the National Institutes of Health.

New nuclear engineering professor plans to inspire students, progress department


When Martin de Jesus Nieto-Perez, associate teaching professor of nuclear engineering at Penn State, first learned about nuclear energy, he was immediately intrigued.

Research finds US adults have context-specific views on biometric technology use


As the application of facial recognition and DNA technologies increases across industries and domains, questions arise concerning the public's comfort with biometric modalities, the acceptability of using biometrics in various societal contexts, and the public’s trust in public and private entities using biometric technologies.

Salvaging rare earth elements from electronic waste


Manufacturers rely on rare earth elements, like neodymium, to create strong magnets used in motors for electronics including hybrid cars, aircraft generators, loudspeakers, hard drives and in-ear headphones.

Virtual Iron Lion Design Challenge opens a new world of design possibilities


Run for years as an in-person event for Penn State graduate and undergraduate students to dust off their design skills during the summer, the Iron Lion Design Challenge is a multidisciplinary design competition sponsored by the Bernard M. Gordon Learning Factory.

Climate uncertainty colors flood risk assessment


Understanding how climate change will affect the flooding of rivers may become easier with a new framework for assessing flood risk that's been developed by an interdisciplinary team from Penn State.

Engineering professor recognized for innovations in cybersecurity


In recognition of his research in the field of cybersecurity, Patrick McDaniel, the William L. Weiss Chair in Information and Communications Technology in the Penn State School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has been awarded the Outstanding Innovation Award from the Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Penn State Breazeale Reactor expands in size and in opportunities


Penn State's Radiation Science & Engineering Center and the Ken and Mary Alice Lindquist Department of Nuclear Engineering broke ground on a 10,000-square-foot, $9.5 million expansion of the Breazeale Reactor on Oct. 21.

Four College of Engineering faculty named to Highly Cited Researchers list


For the third consecutive year, four faculty members in Penn State's College of Engineering were recognized as Highly Cited Researchers by the Web of Science Group.

Student startup works to pave the future of mental health care


Mental health care workers often end up with a large amount of patient intake data -- including each patient's symptoms, health information, and screening assessment scores.

Study challenges standard ideas about piezoelectricity in ferroelectric crystals


For years, researchers believed that the smaller the domain size in a ferroelectric crystal, the greater the piezoelectric properties of the material.

Engineering student recognized for success, supporting Hispanic STEM community


Randy Blanco, a fifth-year student in the Penn State College of Engineering, was named an Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader in Engineering by Great Minds in STEM.

$6.5 million in grants to advance antenna systems with metamaterials


To create advanced electromagnetic and optical metamaterials -- artificial materials engineered to possess unique qualities not available in natural materials -- Penn State researchers have been awarded more than $6.5 million in funding for three projects.

Student entrepreneurs Q&A: Sydney Gibbard and Leo Girlando


As Penn State has grown entrepreneurship education across the University, more than 19,000 students from have enrolled in at least one course offered in the Intercollege Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Penn State President Eric Barron told the Board of Trustees during a report today (Nov. 12).

Engineering professor named associate fellow for advancing aerospace industry


Stephen Lynch, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Penn State, was selected as an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Penn State joins $72 million NASA consortium to study Earth system science


Understanding how Earth and its atmosphere behave in their natural settings and under the impact of human influence is the focus of a new $72 million consortium funded by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

AI behind deepfakes may power materials design innovations, scientists say


The person staring back from the computer screen may not actually exist, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) capable of generating convincing but ultimately fake images of human faces.

Engineers use deep learning to predict earthquakes in the lab


Earthquakes in the United States can cost lives and billions of dollars in infrastructure damage every year.

Going gold: Engineers to investigate using gold as catalyst in hydrogenation


Everyday items, like prescription drugs, gasoline and plastics, all undergo several rounds of catalytic processes during manufacturing.

Penn State launches Center for Neurotechnology in Mental Health Research


Penn State is launching a University-wide center to bridge fundamental research to understand the brain and mind with potential clinical applications for diagnosing and treating mental health disorders.

Engineer receives young professional award from global society


Andrea Arguelles, Penn State assistant professor of engineering science and mechanics, was selected as the 2021 American Society of Nondestructive Testing Young NDT Professional Recognition award recipient.

Engineers to sustainably mine rare earth elements from fertilizer byproduct


Despite their name, rare earth elements are not actually that rare. The 17 metallic elements are ubiquitous in nature and are becoming even more common in technology, as a critical component of microchips and more.

Key to resilient energy-efficient AI/machine learning may reside in human brain


A clearer understanding of how a type of brain cell known as astrocytes function and can be emulated in the physics of hardware devices, may result in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that autonomously self-repairs and consumes much less energy than the technologies currently do, according to a team of Penn State researchers.

New Stuckeman exhibition showcases multidisciplinary 3D printing research


A new exhibition that highlights the multidisciplinary work researchers from the Stuckeman School and the College of Engineering at Penn State are doing to create sustainable housing solutions on Earth and beyond by using 3D-printing processes opened on Nov. 3 in the Willard G. Rouse Gallery as part of the school's Lecture and Exhibit Series.

Penn State research expenditures total $993 million


Penn State's research expenditures reached a total of $993.1 million in fiscal year 2020-21, an overall 1.5% decrease from the previous year, according to Senior Vice President for Research Lora Weiss.

Engineer receives Trailblazer grant to create smart skin grafts


Nearly 35 million people in the United States with diabetes face a common effect of dysregulated glucose: chronic, slow-healing wounds.

Engineering professor recognized by UN for work in sustainable buildings


James Freihaut, professor of architectural engineering at Penn State, was recognized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Committee on Sustainable Energy during the committee's 30th Jubilee Session on Sept. 22.

Facilities Engineering Institute assessment team completes BUILDER project


After nearly three years of collecting inventory data and condition assessments at Army National Guard facilities across Pennsylvania, members of the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute’s Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) team have finalized all pre-assessments and entered data into the BUILDER Sustainment Management System.

3D-printing grad student helps optimize emerging technology


With several research advancements and an industry internship under her belt, Penn State graduate student Paula Clares feels prepared to make a sizable impact in the 3D-printing industry.

To the stars: Aerospace engineering students find a home in astrophysics lab


Aerospace engineering students Logan Baker and Gooderham McCormick are finishing out their degrees in an unconventional way: By designing and building a spacecraft.

Environmental engineering alumna leads through inclusivity and communication


As one of the few women who have had the opportunity to run a Fortune 500 company, distinguished Penn State engineering alumna Jacqueline Hinman understands the value of self-advocacy.

Materials Research Institute names five Roy Award winners


Three Penn State faculty and two graduate students have received the 2021 Rustum and Della Roy Innovation in Materials Research Award.

Celebrating Professional Women in Building Week at Penn State


In celebration of the National Association of Home Builders Professional Women in Building Week, the PWB Council of Central Pennsylvania partnered with the Pennsylvania Housing Research Center at Penn State to speak with undergraduate students from several majors in the architectural engineering course AE 470: Residential Building Design and Construction on Sept. 17.

Engineering alumnae knead engineering into baking on new Netflix series


Making a cake involves mixing batter, baking a sponge and decorating, but what if that cake also needs to function as a boat sailing down a channel or a vehicle that can cross an obstacle course?

National Center for Healthy Housing director to give Hankin Lecture


Amanda L. Reddy, executive director of the National Center for Healthy Housing, will deliver the 2021 Hankin Distinguished Lecture, hosted by Penn State's residential construction program and the Pennsylvania Housing Research Center.

Engineer invited to present research at two international conferences


Huanyu "Larry" Cheng, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics in Penn State’s College of Engineering, has been selected to present at two invite-only scientific conferences.

Engineering associate dean for equity and inclusion featured on NSF podcast


Tonya Peeples, associate dean for equity and inclusion and professor of chemical engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering, was featured in the third episode of "Collaborative Strategies for Inclusive Change," the official podcast of the National Science Foundation INCLUDES Coordination Hub.

Engineering dean keynotes UN Committee on Sustainable Energy session


Justin Schwartz, Harold and Inge Marcus Dean in the Penn State College of Engineering, addressed the United Nations Committee on Sustainable Energy during its hybrid 30th session on Sept. 22 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Projects prep library spaces for new University Park student, research services


Penn State University Libraries is preparing for its Engineering Library to move into the West 1 Building currently under construction.

U.S. gun violence increased 30 percent during COVID-19 pandemic


Gun violence increased by more than 30% in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study by Penn State researchers.

YES introduces engineering to elementary and middle school youth


Christine Cunningham believes today's young learners can become tomorrow's problem-solvers and engineers, if their natural creativity and curiosity about how things work is nurtured through their K-12 curriculum.

Getting a head start on a materials research career


Faced with a growing workload in its research labs, the Materials Research Institute met the challenge by offering Penn State students an opportunity that most materials science and engineering undergraduates normally never receive.

The air travel revolution


Commercial aviation is responsible for between 2 and 2.5% of the total global CO2 emissions, with large single-aisle and twin-aisle aircraft responsible for 90% of those emissions.

Saliva-based COVID-19 test may provide at-home results in 30 minutes


Penn State researchers plan to develop an affordable and accurate at-home, saliva-based COVID-19 test, rivaling the simplicity and convenience of pregnancy tests and glucose monitors, but with higher sensitivity.

A new twist on 2D materials may lead to improved electronic, optical devices


The two types of interfaces between layers of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) 2D materials where the top layer is a Janus TMD with two types of atoms (selenium and sulfur) and the bottom layer is a regular TMD with one type of atom (sulfur).

Monitoring glucose levels, no needles required


Noninvasive glucose monitoring devices are not currently commercially available in the United States, so people with diabetes must collect blood samples or use sensors embedded under the skin to measure their blood sugar levels.

University of Virginia and Penn State researchers to develop new hardware system


Real-world needs for such complex services as efficient manufacturing, drug discovery, supply chain logistics and wireless communication have outpaced the computing resources of today's conventional computers.

Architectural engineering students win sustainable building design competition


Design a two-story, 50,000-square-foot building complete with a cafeteria, office, kitchen and storage space to accommodate 3,000 college students per day.

New Penn State consortium launches to help fuel the energy revolution


Energy production and use presents a multilayered challenge that includes technical, social and environmental intricacies. With such a complex challenge at hand, Penn State’s Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE) has launched a focused effort called the Consortium for Integrated Energy Systems (CIES).

Novel lighting system designed for machine vision module of agricultural robots


A novel camera system using active lighting devised by Penn State researchers may be a crucial step in developing machine vision systems that allow robotic devices to more clearly "see" the agricultural targets with which they will react.

Wearable head scanner could allow for comfort, mobility during brain scans


To collect accurate images of a patient's brain, the patient must be still and confined in a tube-like MRI scanner for a long period of time.

Assistant dean, director in engineering retires after 37 years at Penn State


After 37 years of employment at Penn State and numerous professional achievements and contributions to the University, Tom Litzinger, assistant dean for educational innovation and accreditation and director of the Leonhard Center in the College of Engineering, will retire in May 2022

Taking steps toward more effective fitness trackers, more physical activity


As the popularity of fitness trackers has increased, so have the opportunities to use such devices to not only track fitness goals but also increase the motivation to meet those goals.

Schreyer Scholar works to develop sustainable solution to food insecurity


Vancie Peacock grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, but always dreamed of being on a farm. When she was 4 years old, she said, she became a vegetarian because she didn't want to eat animals.

Architectural engineer recognized with inaugural national award


The National Institute of Building Sciences presented John Messner, the Charles and Elinor Matts Professor of Architectural Engineering at Penn State, with the inaugural NIBS Distinguished Service Award at its annual meeting on Sept. 28.

Multi-institute team awarded NSF grant to develop dynamic architected materials


A multi-institute collaboration including Yun Jing, associate professor of acoustics and biomedical engineering at Penn State, has received a $1.8 million grant from the National Science Foundation to design architected materials that are fine-tuned with dynamic behaviors.

Penn State to honor astronaut Colonel Guion 'Guy' Bluford Jr.


Colonel Guion "Guy" Bluford Jr., who earned his undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from Penn State in 1964 and became the first African American in space, will receive multiple honors from his alma mater this week in recognition of his significant professional achievements.

Podcast examines how indoor lighting can improve energy savings, human health


On the latest episode of the Growing Impact podcast, two researchers discuss their seed grant project that investigates how indoor lighting can be adjusted to save energy on a building's heating and cooling and positively impact human health.

New aerospace engineering faculty launches multidisciplinary trajectory


In the words of late computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra, "A picture may be worth a thousand words; a formula is worth a thousand pictures." Roshan Eapen, a new faculty member in the Penn State Department of Aerospace Engineering, describes his research as such, aiming to leverage the geometry of complex phenomena to create mathematical frameworks.

$1.3M grant to study brain function during anesthesia-induced unconsciousness


Anesthesia has been used for surgeries and procedures for almost two centuries, but scientists are just now making advances in determining what our brains do when we lose and recover consciousness.

Can machine learning lead to cleaner water and more efficient ionic separations?


The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a $1.5 million to a Louisiana State University-Penn State research team to develop a smarter approach to ionic separations, critical chemical reactions needed for water treatment, resource recovery and energy production.

Engineering science and mechanics professor receives lifetime achievement award


SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, recently honored Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Evan Pugh University Professor and Charles Godfrey Binder Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, with the 2022 SPIE Smart Structures and Materials Lifetime Achievement Award.

New tool predicts changes that may make COVID variants more infectious


As SARS-CoV-2 continues to evolve, new variants are expected to arise that may have an increased ability to infect their hosts and evade the hosts’ immune systems.

Two student teams awarded $25,000 for using artificial intelligence for good


A panel of judges named InsectEye and AI-powered Recycling the winning teams in the 2021 Nittany AI Challenge. The announcement was made during the AI for Good Expo on Sept. 28.

$2 million grant awarded for climate-adaptive infrastructure design


In 2020, the U.S. experienced a record number of billion-dollar disaster events, with damages totaling approximately $95 billion.

Engineering science and mechanics head elected to two international posts


Judith Todd, P.B. Breneman Chair, professor and department head of engineering science and mechanics at Penn State, was recently elected as president of ASM International and as planning chair for The Franklin Institute's Committee on Science and the Arts.

Mentoring experience inspires project to increase retention in master's programs


Growing up with limited resources in a small town in Peru, Julio Urbina was not aware of the field of electrical engineering, let alone that he could have a successful research career in it.

Researcher to study the positives and negatives of carbon mitigation


Controlling carbon release into the atmosphere will reduce carbon dioxide and slow global warming, but could there be unintended consequences for human health?

$1.25M grant lays groundwork for synthetic tendon and ligament implants


Torn ligaments and tendons are the bane of athletes and runners, difficult to heal and often taking months or years of rehab.

$500,000 gift to support diversity in architectural engineering


The Clayco Foundation has endowed a $500,000 scholarship in Penn State's Department of Architectural Engineering (AE).

22 Penn State alumni to receive Alumni Fellow Award


The Penn State Alumni Association will honor 22 Penn Staters on Oct. 6 with the Alumni Fellow Award, the highest award given by the Alumni Association.

Aerospace engineering design team places second in vertical flight competition


A Penn State undergraduate design team took second place at the Vertical Flight Society's 38th Annual Student Design Competition, edging out other competitors with their autonomous vertical takeoff and landing aircraft named "Albatross."

An experimental loop for simulating nuclear reactors in space


Nuclear thermal propulsion, which uses heat from nuclear reactions as fuel, could be used one day in human spaceflight, possibly even for missions to Mars.

Chemical engineer receives grant to develop novel tumor-mimicking biomaterial


Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States, with brain cancer causing the most fatalities.

Institute sponsors four co-funded faculty positions in AI and data science


The Institute for Computational and Data Sciences (ICDS), in partnership with four academic colleges -- the College of Agricultural Sciences, the College of Information Sciences and Technology, the College of Engineering and the Eberly College of Science -- will sponsor four co-funded faculty positions focused on the development of novel methods or advanced applications in data science.

NASA grant to enable explorations of concrete behavior in Moon-like gravity


Concrete is a promising material for building structures on the moon or even Mars due to its strength, quick forming and ability to be made with ingredients already existing in those remote places.

Professor recognized by ASME for furthering engineering design education


Timothy W. Simpson, interim head of the School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs and the Paul Morrow Professor in Engineering Design and Manufacturing at Penn State, was recently recognized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for his impact on engineering design education and his role as a mentor for engineering educators and students.

Engineering industry engagement director elected to international board


Priya Baboo, senior director of corporate and industry engagement in the Penn State College of Engineering, was recently elected to the board of the Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers.

How Penn State is addressing climate change on WPSU's 'Digging Deeper' Sept. 26


The ways Penn State is addressing global climate change will be discussed during the eighth season premiere of President Eric Barron's monthly WPSU show, "Digging Deeper," on Sunday, Sept. 26.

Advice from many at Penn State led new engineering alumna to fellowship success


In her undergraduate career at Penn State, Autumn Deitrick had both an eye on the future and an ear open for advice

Barron discusses broad impact of Penn State research for trustees


From detecting subatomic particles that usher in new discoveries in astrophysics at the South Pole to driving economic development in communities across Pennsylvania, Penn State research is transforming society by furthering our understanding of the world and helping people in our own backyard, according to Penn State President Eric J. Barron.

Collaborative climate project provides research opportunities to undergrads


Julio Urbina, associate professor of electrical engineering at Penn State, can sum up the issue of climate change succinctly: "We saw the latest report, and it said time is up.

Concrete world: Engineers to improve reinforced steel to contain nuclear waste


Metals embedded in concrete can erode, rusting, and weakening until the concrete splits and the structure it supports falls.

Ribbon-cutting marks new era for mechanical engineering undergraduates


On Sept. 10, the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its newest facility, the ME Knowledge Lab.

Undergraduate engineering programs once again rank among nation's best


In the recently released 2022 U.S. News & World Report Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs rankings, the Penn State College of Engineering ranks No. 21 in the country, advancing one place from last year's report.

State-driven emissions controls only slightly more expensive


Sometimes, doing things close to home may be more feasible than doing them on a grand scale, even if they cost a bit more.

Physical distance may not be enough to prevent viral aerosol exposure indoors


Eighteen months ago, stickers began to dot the floors of most shops, spaced about six feet apart, indicating the physical distance required to avoid the COVID-19 virus an infected person may shed when breathing or speaking.

Building expert joins national STEM diversity and inclusion program


Esther Obonyo, director of the Penn State Global Building Network and associate professor of engineering design and architectural engineering, was recently named a fellow in the third cohort of the IAspire Leadership Academy.

COSTARS members save on electricity costs


Members of COSTARS, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program, are set to save big on electric utility costs following an electricity shopping event, recently hosted by the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI).

New civil engineering faculty examines how technology impacts the way we travel


Navigating by smartphone is commonplace today, so it may be easy to forget that not long ago, drivers found their destinations using folded maps stuffed in glove boxes.

Penn State nuclear engineering opens new collaboration, learning space


The Ken and Mary Alice Lindquist Department of Nuclear Engineering at Penn State will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its Nuclear Innovation Commons (NIC) on Sept. 17.

Engineering professor recognized for contributions to fuel cell research


Chao-Yang Wang, William E. Diefenderfer Chair in Mechanical Engineering and professor of chemical engineering and materials science and engineering, was recognized for his research in fuel cell technology, which has enabled advancements in hydrogen-powered vehicles.

New engineering leadership project offers real-world experience


Engineering Leadership Development (ELD) students embark on a leadership journey in the program’s ENGR 408: Leadership Principles course, learning about the importance self-awareness, team dynamics and project management on design solutions -- all to become technical leaders ready to impact innovation and creativity in a global workforce.

Schreyer Scholar researches ways to mitigate risk of nuclear accidents


John Barton is a big fan of clean energy sources like wind and solar power. He is also a fan of contingency plans.

Engineer to measure the efficiency of comfortable, useful lighting


Does a light shine if no one sees it? Yes, and it wastes a lot of power, according to Dorukalp Durmus, assistant professor in the Penn State Department of Architectural Engineering, who was recently awarded a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) grant.

Penn State's first Schlumberger fellow aims to 3D print a sustainable future


Eden Binega was browsing doctoral programs in additive manufacturing when she spotted a story on NASA's 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge, in which Penn State came second with a 3D-printed concrete dome-like structure.

Grant to investigate stronger, greener carbon fiber-reinforced plastics


Commercial planes burn hundreds of gallons of jet fuel per hour of flight, which can be costly for both airlines and the environment.

New faculty named Electrochemical Society and Toyota Young Investigator Fellow


The Electrochemical Society (ECS) has named Christopher Arges, who joined the Penn State Department of Chemical Engineering as an associate professor on Aug. 15, as one of five 2021-22 ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship for Projects in Green Energy Technology recipients.

School launches graduate degree at the intersection of engineering, law, policy


A new professional master of engineering degree in engineering, law and policy (MELP), housed in the Penn State School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP), has launched.

Thole scholarship continues to support underrepresented groups in engineering


With a new cohort of recipients, the Professor Karen A. Thole Annual Scholarship for Diversity in Engineering continues to support underrepresented students in engineering and encourage a more equitable workforce.

Call for researchers to participate in health, built environment workshop series


The Institutes of Energy and the Environment, through its Health and the Environment thematic area, is inviting members of the Penn State research community to participate in a series of four workshops on topics related to health and the built environment.

Engineering alumnus to use gift to inspire collaboration and mentorship


Davis Mullholand always looks for ways to collaborate with those around him and help others succeed.

Penn State, Freiburg faculty collaborate on early cancer diagnostics


In 2019, Penn State and the University of Freiburg conducted the third year of their Collaboration Development Program, a jointly financed seed-grant-funded program designed to facilitate collaborative research and teaching projects to become sustainable, self-supporting, long-term activities.

Six faculty members join School of EECS this fall


The Penn State School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) welcomed six new faculty members in August.

Task force created to significantly reduce Penn State's carbon emissions


Over the last 15 years, Penn State has cut its carbon emissions by more than 35%, putting the University ahead of schedule to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas outputs to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Dual grants totaling $2.25 million help students take a byte out of data science


All of the data produced or used in 2020 was estimated to be about 59 zettabytes, each of which equals a billion terabytes. If each terabyte represents a mile, 59 zettabytes would allow for almost 10 full round trips from Earth to Pluto.

Graphene made with lasers for wearable health devices


Graphene, hexagonally arranged carbon atoms in a single layer with superior pliability and high conductivity, could advance flexible electronics according to a Penn State-led international research team.

Penn State researchers create educational program to inspire young engineers


Engineering job availability is expected to grow in the next decade, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, according to a research team led by Penn State, current statistics suggest that engineering college attendance rates, lack of diversity and retirement rates may result in a shortage of employees in the industry.

Ferroelectrics everywhere?


A new family of materials that could result in improved digital information storage and uses less energy may be possible thanks to a team of Penn State researchers who demonstrated ferroelectricity in magnesium-substituted zinc oxide.

Industrial engineering faculty leverages industry experience


Srinivas Subramanya Tamvada, a 2001 Penn State computer science alumnus, joined the College of Engineering's Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering as an assistant teaching professor on Aug. 15.

Summer Founders provides Penn State student founders with $15,000


The Invent Penn State Summer Founders program completed its 13-week student startup accelerator with a virtual Startup Showcase on Aug. 11, featuring student founders from across five Penn State colleges and the Graduate School at Penn State.

With time on their hands, undergraduate inventors create smartwatch for students


At the onset of the pandemic, Penn State engineering students Alessandro Placitelli and Rene Cantu had some extra time on their hands.

Nuclear engineering student wins innovation award for machine learning research


Matthew Durbin, a nuclear engineering doctoral candidate at Penn State, was recently awarded a first-place prize in the 2021 Innovations in Nuclear Technology R&D Awards for his research paper, "K-Nearest Neighbors Regression for the Discrimination of Gamma Rays and Neutrons in Organic Scintillators."

Researchers use stem cells to make insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells


The human body can be genetically inclined to attack its own cells, destroying the beta cells in the pancreas that make insulin, which helps convert sugar into energy.

Biomedical engineer to lead Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology


The Penn State Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology's (CoEIB) fourth fall semester is its first under the leadership of Dan Hayes.

Associate director named for Penn State Center for Biodevices


The Penn State Center for Biodevices has a new associate director who will further cement its cross-disciplinary goals: Gregory Lewis, associate professor of orthopaedics and rehabilitation, with courtesy appointments in mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering and engineering science and mechanics.

Engineer pens first chapters of two volumes for Royal Society of Chemistry


Cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls, is the most abundant polymer in the world. A carbohydrate made of at least 3,000 glucose molecules, cellulose is used in everything from food and medicine to paper and clothes.

Aerospace engineering graduate student recognized by Aviation Week Network


Kriston Ramdass, an aerospace engineering master's student at Penn State, recently received the Aviation Week Network's 2021 20 Twenties Award.

New director of Penn State's Graduate Program in Acoustics named


Andrew Barnard, a Penn State alumnus and current associate professor of mechanical engineering at Michigan Technological University, will join Penn State as the director of the Graduate Program in Acoustics, housed within the College of Engineering, on Jan. 1, 2022.

Penn State professor to head new National Academy of Engineering committee


Christine Cunningham, professor of practice in Penn State’s College of Education and College of Engineering, has been named chair of a newly established National Academy of Engineering (NAE) committee titled Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable Engineering for All (IDEEA).

Better, sustainable early building designs may be possible with NSF grant


In the past, when conceptualizing a new building, architects would create designs by hand, mostly using their experience and creativity.

Penn State Service Systems Engineering sponsors conference, student competition


Penn State Service Systems Engineering (SSE), housed within the College of Engineering, recently co-sponsored the 2021 Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Conference on Service Science that took place virtually Aug. 10-12.

School of EECS hosts two summer camps for girls with national participation


This summer, as in several previous summers, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) hosted two camps geared toward middle- and high-school girls.

Electrical engineering grad student wins award in international poster contest


Kaustav Chatterjee, a third-year electrical engineering doctoral student at Penn State, received second place in the graduate student poster contest at the 2021 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society (IEEE PES) general meeting, held virtually from July 26-29.

Assistant professor named DESIGN associate director for graduate programs


Nicholas Meisel, assistant professor of engineering design, was recently named the engineering design (DESIGN) program's associate director for graduate programs in support of DESIGN'S growing graduate initiatives.

Paying it forward: Engineer training to support future engineers


Salvador Ordorica, a Penn State architectural engineering alumnus and major in the United States Air Force, spent his childhood weekends differently than most kids.

Block by block: Researchers use Minecraft to advance artificial intelligence


Alan Wagner, assistant professor of aerospace engineering at Penn State, and Sarah Rajtmajer, assistant professor of information sciences and technology, recently received a $900,000 grant from the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research to investigate next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) skills.

Building DREAMs: Smart structures expert joins Engineering Design


On July 1, Mariantonieta Gutierrez Soto joined Penn State's Engineering Design program, an interdisciplinary education and research program housed within the School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP), as an assistant professor.

Computer science major named College of Engineering student marshal


Xunyi Zhou, a computer science major in the Penn State School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in mathematics, has been named the College of Engineering's student marshal for summer 2021 commencement.

Researcher's novel work on machine learning receives international recognition


In 2019, Ting He, associate professor of computer science and engineering at Penn State, and her fellow researchers published a paper in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Journal on Selected Areas in Communications detailing the ways in which they -- successfully and for the first time -- optimized a specific type of machine learning technique known as federated learning.

Industrial engineering student invited to present at national conference


Hannah Nolte, an industrial engineering doctoral candidate, was selected to participate in the Great Minds in STEM (GMiS) Early-Career Faculty Symposium.

Nuclear engineering doctoral student receives graduate fellowship


Jonathan Balog, a nuclear engineering doctoral student, was selected by the South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation (SCUREF) to receive the Rickover Fellowship.

Penn State Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence renewed for sixth time


The Penn State Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence (VLRCOE) was awarded another five years of funding through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and NASA.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers announces fellow, conference honoree


A College of Engineering faculty member and student were recently honored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Penn State researchers receive best paper award at international conference


Three Penn State researchers were awarded the best paper award at the Association for Computing Machinery/Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International 2021 Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI).

Printing circuits on irregular surfaces with pulses of light


Printable electronics could cause a proliferation of smart, connected devices, from household appliances that can communicate with each other to medical diagnostic sensors that can be placed on the body to forgo invasive procedures.

New professor to advance the understanding of brain aneurysms, heart disease


Mechanical engineering's Melissa Brindise will explore the fluid mechanics of the cardiovascular system, in the hopes of improving the diagnosis and treatment of these life-threatening conditions.

Penn State team earns second place in international entrepreneurship competition


A team composed of Penn State students and partners from other universities recently claimed second place in the Creating Shared Value Challenge, an international competition which invited student teams from around the world to pitch business ideas that promised to advance social good.

Hypersonic, autonomous flight research bolstered by $1.5 million grant


Hypersonic vehicles, which fly more than five times the speed of sound, are constrained by an important aspect: computational power.

Intentional cracks and wrinkles provide low-cost option for medical screening


From identifying pathogens to screening for drug treatments, the ability to quickly identify and separate particles based on their size is an increasingly important tool in diagnosing and treating patients, according to Huanyu "Larry" Cheng, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Professor in Penn State's Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics.

First architectural engineering World Bank scholarship recipients selected


The first World Bank-sponsored Penn State Department of Architectural Engineering graduate scholarships have been awarded to two incoming international students.

Novel method of imaging silicon anode degradation may lead to better batteries


A novel method of characterizing the structural and chemical evolution of silicon and a thin layer that governs battery stability may help resolve issues that prevent using silicon for high-capacity batteries, according to a group of researchers.

Researchers film human viruses in liquid droplets at near-atomic detail


In an effort to expand the tools scientists have to study the microscopic world, researchers led by Penn State Huck Chair in Molecular Biophysics and Professor of Biomedical Engineering Deb Kelly recorded live, 20-second-long movies of human viruses floating in liquid at near-atomic detail in an electron microscope.

A naturally inspired, reusable system that purifies water and builds itself


In nature, the interaction of molecules at the boundary of different liquids can give rise to new structures.

From waste to wear: How squid may be key to material revolution


With elongated bodies, large eyes and a combination of arms and tentacles, squid appear alien.

New architectural engineering mentoring program connects students to industry


Mentorship and industry connections can be critical factors for engineering students when trying to obtain internships or start their careers.

Engineering alum 'returns favor' with gift to architectural engineering program


Inspired by a motivational quote from Jonas Salk, developer of the first successful polio vaccine, Steve Heinz shaped his professional goals around one important question, "Am I being a good ancestor?"

Penn State's biotechnology community overcomes COVID-19 challenges


One of the many Penn State units that adapted to the pandemic's challenges was the Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology (CoEIB).

Professor awarded Test of Time award for paper on data privacy


A 2011 paper on data privacy co-authored by Dan Kifer, professor of computer science and engineering, received the 2021 Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Management of Data (ACM SIGMOD) Test of Time award.

Aerospace student receives Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship


Rachel Axten, a rising fourth-year doctoral student in aerospace engineering, was selected to receive the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship.

New assistant professor to measure impact in machinery, culture


Mechanical engineering’s Tamy Guimaraes to explore enhanced instrumentation for machines and inspire, support underrepresented groups in engineering

Students use AI to support mental health, address unanswered calls for help


"Help" is a word many people have a tough time saying, or when they do, there may not be anyone to listen.

Autonomous Robotics Competition Club wins $30K at drone contest


A team of Penn State aerospace engineering graduate students interested in unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, recently won third place overall at the First Responder UAS Endurance Challenge, taking home $30,000 in prize money.

Nuclear science, engineering spark collaborations across Penn State and beyond


Penn State's Radiation Science & Engineering Center (RSEC), home to the Breazeale Reactor, is expanding to accommodate an equipment donation valued at $9.8 million and to facilitate more advanced neutron beam research as well as the growth of nuclear engineering at Penn State.

Stretch into the future of health monitoring


Wearable monitors are on their way to being more stretchable, flexible and capable of more precise measurements than ever before.

Diversification in supply chain crucial to avoid 'food shock' in cities


Diversification in the sourcing of food into cities can go a long way to tempering "food shock" -- a sudden drop in food supply due to unforeseen events, according to a team of researchers from Penn State and Northern Arizona University.

Multidisciplinary precision health expert joins Law, Policy, and Engineering


Jennifer K. Wagner, a multidisciplinary expert known on Twitter as @DNAlawyer, will join the Law, Policy, and Engineering initiative on Aug. 15 as assistant professor of law, policy and engineering in the School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs.

West Campus groundbreaking ceremony to highlight new engineering buildings


The Penn State College of Engineering will hold a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate construction of two new West Campus buildings, West 1 and West 2, on Friday, July 16 at 4:00 p.m. EDT. The in-person, by-invitation ceremony will also be livestreamed for the Penn State community and general public.

Global Alumni Spotlight: Mohammed Al-Aufi


Mohammed Al-Aufi graduated from Penn State with a degree in chemical engineering in 2018. After a short stint in the field, the pandemic altered the course of his career, and he recently opened a coffee shop in Oman, dedicated in many ways to his sister.

Red blood cell 'traffic' contributes to changes in brain oxygenation


Adequate blood flow supplies the brain with oxygen and nutrients, but the oxygenation tends to fluctuate in a distinct, consistent manner. The root of this varied activity, though, is poorly understood.

Engineering and Applied Research Laboratory award defense research seed grants


In support of multidisciplinary research, the Penn State College of Engineering and the Penn State Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) collaborated to create a new seed grant program.

Engineers find imaging technique could become treatment for deep vein thrombosis


A Penn State research team found that their method of imaging clots may actually help treat them, too. They published their results in Advance Healthcare Materials.

Penn State research teams awarded seed grants to advance biodevices


Interdisciplinary research teams from across Penn State recently received seed grants from the Penn State Biodevices Seed Grant program and the Grace Woodward Collaborative Research in Engineering and Medicine Grant program to fund their work in advancing biodevices.

Presidential Leadership Academy announces new class


Each year, the Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA) at Penn State chooses 30 exemplary first-year students and the academy is excited to celebrate the next round of standout members.

Still waiting at an intersection? Banning certain left turns helps traffic flow


According to a Penn State engineer, well-placed left turn restrictions in certain busy intersections loosen many of the bottlenecks that hamper traffic efficiency.

Adding layers to improve design ideation


When engineers design a product using traditional manufacturing processes, it is commonplace for them to alter or adjust concepts and visions to transform the design into reality.

Computer science and engineering researchers receive best paper award


Three Penn State computer science and engineering researchers received the best paper award at the Association for Computing Machinery's 2021 International Systems and Storage Conference.

Former Penn State Executive Vice President and Provost, John Brighton, dies


John Brighton, former executive vice president and provost, died on June 28, 2021, after a long struggle with dementia. He was 87.

Normal brain growth curves for children developed


In the United States, nearly every pediatric doctor's visit begins with three measurements: weight, height and head circumference.

Bacterium-derived compound from food shown to stimulate brain cell growth


The old saying may ring true: You are what you eat. There is new evidence that the gut is linked to brain health, thanks to a bacterium-derived compound known as indole, according to an international team of researchers.

Electrical engineering alumnus receives IEEE-USA Harry Diamond Memorial Award


Penn State electrical engineering alumnus John Tague received the 2020 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA Harry Diamond Memorial Award.

Engineering professor named fellow of international society


Slava V. Rotkin, Frontier Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics with an appointment in the Materials Research Institute, was named a 2021 fellow of the Electrochemical Society.

Head of architectural engineering elected to national institute board


Sez Atamturktur Russcher, Harry and Arlene Schell Professor and head of the Penn State Department of Architectural Engineering (AE), was elected to the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Board of Directors.

National Institutes of Health funds neural engineering graduate training program


Penn State has a new cross-disciplinary program to train graduate students interested in the complex landscape of the human brain, supported by a $1.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Coming full circle: Service member works on doctoral degree to teach


Robert Newton, an industrial engineering doctoral candidate and a current United States Air Force officer, has known the military his entire life: growing up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, he was surrounded by military personnel.

Industrial engineering students win first place in global simulation contest


Justin Rist and Robert Newton, Penn State doctoral students in industrial engineering, won first place in the May 2021 Student Simulation Competition, hosted by Simio, a software company that develops tools for simulation, production planning and scheduling innovations.

International team develops predictive tool to help mitigate COVID-19 in Africa


A Penn State-led international collaboration has developed a modeling tool to project how COVID-19 may spread in African countries.

Engineering virtual connections and collaborations


ELD faculty members applied the same international virtual collaboration concepts taught in the ENGR 422 course to provide students with educational and culturally enhancing opportunities.

Penn State-led team to bolster communities impacted by climate change


An international, Penn State-led consortium aims to improve infrastructure resiliency, along with sustainability and public health, in coastal areas most impacted by climate change.

Researchers worldwide find great value in ReaxFF reactive force field


More than 1,600 researchers in six of the world's seven continents have requested parameters for a ReaxFF reactive force field developed by a Penn State researcher and used as a valuable research tool in fields as varied as biomaterials, polymers, batteries and 3D printing.

Underwater creatures could uncover secrets to advance tech


Mechanical engineering's Margaret Byron received recognition and support from the Beckman Foundation and the National Science Foundation to explore the complex fluid dynamics of how comb jellies swim

College of Engineering names newly established assistant dean


Ivan Esparragoza, director of engineering technology and commonwealth engineering (ETCE) and professor of engineering design at Penn State, has been named the assistant dean for curricular innovation and program assessment, a newly established position in the Penn State College of Engineering. He will begin on July 1.

Penn State takes first in Collegiate Wind Competition


The Penn State Wind Energy Club won big at the United States Department of Energy (DOE) Collegiate Wind Competition, taking home first overall in the competition and first in the project development contest.

Interdisciplinary projects awarded seed grants from IEE


The Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE) has awarded seed grants to 22 groups of interdisciplinary researchers at Penn State for the 2020-21 award cycle.

Researchers earn grant to investigate how to reduce costs of antibody therapies


Monoclonal antibodies, medications made from genetically engineered mammalian cells, can help treat a variety of conditions, including cancer, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease, and even COVID-19.

Student research sheds new light on inner ear disease


The function and purpose of the Bast valve, a thin membrane in the inner ear, has largely been a mystery to medical professionals since it was discovered more than 100 years ago.

Biodiversity seed grants support innovative collaborations across Penn State


Seven Penn State faculty teams have received seed grants for biodiversity research as part of the 2021 "Mainstreaming Biodiversity in a Decade of Action" symposium.

Researchers propose methods for additive manufacturing quality control


Additive manufacturing offers an unprecedented level of design flexibility and expanded functionality, but the quality and process can drastically differ across production machines, according to Hui Yang, a professor of industrial engineering at Penn State.

54 students awarded Erickson Discovery Grants from Undergraduate Education


Erickson Discovery Grants were awarded to 54 undergraduate Penn State students to cover costs related to undergraduate research.

Eight scholars begin summer Translational Science Fellowship program


Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s 2021 Translational Science Fellowship summer program begins this week.

$1 million grant to address cold storage logistics in vaccine delivery


With a $1 million grant, Scott Medina, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, will study a new protein coating that could eliminate the need for drug refrigeration.

Chemical engineering alumnus receives Excellence in Government Award


Anthony Burgard, a Penn State chemical engineering alumnus, received a 2021 Excellence in Government Award presented by the Pittsburgh Federal Executive Board. Burgard’s recognition included a Gold Award in the Outstanding Contribution to Science category for his work in the development of new science-based computational modeling tools.

Department of Energy awards to support students researching nuclear energy


Three students in the Penn State College of Engineering were selected to receive awards through the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy Integrated University Program.

New engineering faculty to study structural materials in extreme environments


Yang Yang, a researcher in the field of structural materials and electron microscopy, joined the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics as an assistant professor on June 1.

Nuclear engineering student receives scholarship from global society


Matthew Durbin, a nuclear engineering doctoral candidate, received a Graduate Scholarship award from the Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society, a technical society within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Professor honored for work in adaptive structures and materials


Mary Frecker, the Leighton Riess Chair in Engineering and professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering at Penn State, has been named the 2021 recipient of the Adaptive Structures and Material Systems Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Professor named emerging professional in materials testing for 3D printing


Guha Manogharan, the Emmert H. Bashore Faculty Development Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, has been named an International Emerging Professional by the American Society of Testing and Materials.

Researchers work to increase speed, reliability of wireless communications


The development of millimeter wave communication technologies could improve the speed, latency and reliability of wireless communications significantly, according to Penn State researchers.

Student team places second in autonomous vehicle challenge


A team of students in the Penn State College of Engineering recently earned second place in the Shell Ecomarathon Autonomous Programming Challenge.

Electrical engineering grad student receives Electrochemical Society fellowship


Derrick Butler, a third-year doctoral student in the Penn State Department of Electrical Engineering, was awarded the Electrochemical Society (ECS) Joseph W. Richards Summer Fellowship. The ECS summer fellowships were established to help support students pursuing work in the fields related to ECS during summer months.

Engineer pens article advocating for ban of left turns at busy intersections


Vikash Gayah, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, recently authored an article for The Conversation advocating for the elimination of left turns at city intersections with heavy traffic.

Institute awards 14 computational and data sciences seed grants


From making our roads safer to paving the way to exoplanet discovery, the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences (ICDS) seed grants have funded 14 projects backed by researchers from across the disciplines and around the University.

New tissue-closure model may aid in promotion of faster wound healing


The observation of a previously undetected biological mechanism for closing gaps in living tissue improves basic understanding of the wound-healing process and may one day inform strategies to speed healing after surgery, according to a team of Penn State and Singapore researchers.

Patrick Mather appointed dean of Penn State's Schreyer Honors College


Patrick Mather, a Penn State alumnus and the Richard E. Garman Dean of Engineering and professor of chemical engineering at Bucknell University, has been named the dean of Penn State's Schreyer Honors College, effective Aug. 16.

Industrial engineer named 'influential academic' by international society


Soundar Kumara, Allen E. Pearce and Allen M. Pearce Professor of Industrial Engineering at Penn State, was named one of the 20 Most Influential Academics in Smart Manufacturing by SME, formerly known as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Innovative batteries put flying cars on the horizon


Penn State researchers are exploring the requirements for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles and designing and testing potential battery power sources.

Penn State, University of Freiburg announce joint seed-grant recipients


The Convergence Center for Living Multifunctional Material Systems, in partnership with the University of Freiburg's Cluster of Excellence for Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems, has announced the recipients of the inaugural Living Multifunctional Materials Collaborative Research Seed Grant Program.

Biological engineering student selected for Cargill Global Scholars Program


Rising second-year biological engineering major Vancie Peacock was selected to be part of the Cargill Global Scholars Program, an international leadership program sponsored by global food corporation Cargill.

College of Engineering mourns the loss of faculty member Arzoo Katiyar


The Penn State College of Engineering community mourns the loss of Arzoo Katiyar, assistant professor of computer science and engineering.

Nuclear engineering alumni aim to connect past and future with naming gift


Nuclear engineering alumni Pat Loftus and Douglas Wood are collaborating on a contribution for the Nuclear Innovation Commons (NIC), a 5,000-square-foot nuclear engineering collaborative space under construction in Hallowell Building.

Penn State industrial engineering sponsors service systems engineering award


The Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering co-sponsored the Outstanding Innovation in Service Systems Engineering Award competition during the annual spring Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference and Expo from May 22-25.

Researchers awarded grant to advance geothermal energy science


Over the last decade, geothermal energy has progressed throughout the world as an environmentally friendly, sustainable source of energy.

Graduate student finalists show their work during research pitch competition


Six Penn State graduate students involved in materials or engineering research presented a concise rundown of their research, in two minutes or less, for judges from companies including PPG, Corning, Dow and Murata at the finals of the Millennium Café PPG Elevator Pitch Competition on May 18.

Coupled brain activity, cerebrospinal fluid flow could indicate Alzheimer's risk


Penn State researchers may have discovered a potential marker to clinically evaluate patients’ risk for Alzheimer's disease through non-invasive imaging tests, according to a study published today (June 1) in PLOS Biology.

Industrial engineer receives career research award from international society


Soundar Kumara, Allen E. Pearce and Allen M. Pearce Professor of Industrial Engineering at Penn State, received the David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. He was honored at the IISE annual conference, held virtually May 22-25.

Architecture students and faculty contribute to Pan-African exhibition in France


Penn State faculty members DK Osseo-Asare, assistant professor of architecture and engineering design, and Yasmine Abbas, assistant teaching professor of architecture and engineering design, have designed an architectural space within the "UFA - Universite des Futurs Africains [University of African Futures]" exhibition at the Le Lieu Unique, a national center for contemporary culture in Nantes, France.

Eco-friendly carbon-dioxide conversion process may revolutionize existing method


A new, environmentally friendly, single-step process has been developed to convert carbon dioxide into higher hydrocarbons using plasma, according to scientists and engineers.

Industrial engineer named international society fellow


Hui Yang, professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering, was named a 2021 fellow of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE). He was honored at the IISE annual conference, held virtually May 22-25.

Mechanical engineering graduate joins United States Space Force


Recent mechanical engineering graduate Austin Learn was selected to join the United States Space Force, a new branch of the military chartered in 2019.

Remote boot camps scheduled for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Fulbright


Remote boot camps are scheduled throughout the summer for the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) and the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Annual substance-use conference examines cross-systems solutions


The Penn State Consortium to Combat Substance Abuse (CCSA) hosted its second annual conference, "Addressing Substance Use: Cross-Systems Solutions," on Monday, May 3.

NSF renews funding for Two-Dimensional Crystal Consortium


The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced a renewal of funding for the Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) national user facility at Penn State’s Materials Research Institute (MRI), the Two-Dimensional Crystal Consortium (2DCC).

University Libraries Research Awards honor 100 students from 19 campuses


Penn State University Libraries presented its fourth annual Undergraduate Research Award: Excellence in Information Literacy honors at the end of the spring 2021 semester to 100 students at nearly all undergraduate Penn State campuses.

Penn State-led team recognized for image relighting research


A collaborative Penn State and Amazon team of researchers, led by Vishal Monga, professor of electrical engineering, recently received second place in an international image processing challenge.

Protein simulation, experiments unveil clues on origins of Parkinson's disease


Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem teamed up to study the different conformations of a protein called alpha-synuclein, which when combined to form harmful aggregates, may lead to the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

Electrical engineering alumni receive Best Student Paper Award


A paper co-authored by two recent Penn State electrical engineering alumni received the Best Student Paper Award at the American Society for Engineering Education's MidAtlantic Spring 2021 conference.

New department head to lead mechanical engineering


Following an international search, Mary Frecker, the Riess Chair in Engineering and Professor of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at Penn State, has been named department head of the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Recent industrial engineering alumnus earns Alpha Pi Mu scholarship


Terrence Saylor, a 2021 industrial engineering graduate and State College native, received a $1,000 scholarship from Alpha Pi Mu, the national industrial engineering honors society.

Residential Building Design & Construction Conference abstracts due May 31


The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center (PHRC), housed in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Penn State, will host the sixth biennial Residential Building Design & Construction Conference (RBDCC) March 2-3, 2022, in State College.

Mechanical engineering professor earns student-administered teaching award


Linxiao Zhu, John J. and Jean M. Brennan Clean Energy Early Career Assistant Professor at Penn State, was awarded the designation of "Top Professor" by the University's student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in the spring of 2021.

Penn State researchers use AI to analyze patient satisfaction


Patient satisfaction can determine the probability of a patient to come back for further care, the likelihood of following discharge instructions, and overall health conditions, but artificial intelligence (AI) might be able to improve satisfaction and health outcomes, according to a Penn State research team.

Artificial intelligence predicts river water quality with weather data


A Penn-State led team developed an artificial intelligence model to forecast water quality in remote rivers and streams, which could lead to a better understanding of how rivers are reacting to human disturbances and climate change.

Call for proposals for Public Interest Technology University Network Challenge


The Penn State PIT Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) Challenge limited submission competition.

Chemical engineering professor receives 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award


Hee Jeung Oh, Penn State assistant professor of chemical engineering, recently received the 2021 Non-Tenured Faculty Award from industrial and consumer technology company 3M.

Researcher advances sign language technology with NSF CAREER Award


With a five-year, $500,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award, Mahanth Gowda, assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering, and his students are working to create a wearable translation device to better facilitate communication between deaf and hard-of-hearing people who use American Sign Language.

Two faculty members receive Amazon Research Awards


Penn State faculty members James Wang, professor of information sciences and technology, and Rui Zhang, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, each received a 2020 Amazon Research Award, which was announced publicly in April of this year.

'Getting to Negative: Strategies, Ethics and Co-benefits' webinar on May 19


Increasingly aggressive strategies are needed to reduce current and future carbon emissions and proactively remove carbon-based heat-trapping gasses that have been emitted to date.

'Seeing' previously unseen nano-level glass damage


For the first time, the subsurface structural changes of silica glass due to nanoscale wear and damage has been revealed via spectroscopy, which may lead to improvements in glass products such as electronic displays and vehicle windshields, according to a team of international researchers.

Three student startups win $10,000 each in 'Shark Tank'-style competition


Three Penn State student startups each won $10,000 for their startups in the annual "Shark Tank"-style Inc.U Competition hosted by the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP).

What makes plant cell walls both strong and extensible?


A plant cell wall's unique ability to expand without weakening or breaking -- a quality required for plant growth -- is due to the movement of its cellulose skeleton, according to new research that models the cell wall.

College of Engineering announces faculty promotions


Fourteen Penn State College of Engineering tenure-line faculty members have been selected for promotions, effective July 1.

Kayyali establishes educational equity scholarship in Schreyer Honors College


Basel Kayyali, an electrical engineering alumnus, and his wife, Andrea, are helping to support current and future students in the Honors College with a gift of $100,000 that established the Kayyali Family Educational Equity Honors Scholarship.

College of Engineering announces Learning Factory capstone project winners


The College of Engineering has announced the winners of the spring Learning Factory Capstone Design Project Showcase, which took place virtually for the second year in a row.

Bake-off breaks and virtual research: How an engineering lab beat Zoom fatigue


When the pandemic began and Penn State moved to remote learning more than a year ago, the THRED Group research lab worked to keep students engaged in research and engaged with each other, virtually.

Graphene key for novel hardware security


As more private data is stored and shared digitally, researchers are exploring new ways to protect data against attacks from bad actors.

New Abington engineering graduate secures job with global aerospace company


A member of the Penn State Abington Class of 2021 secured her first professional position with Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies company.

West Deck opening at University Park on Monday, May 10


Penn State Transportation Services will open the new West Deck located at University Park’s West Campus at 6 a.m. Monday, May 10, for both permit holder and visitor parking.

Engineering alumnus creates scholarship for EECS undergraduate students


Penn State electrical engineering alumnus Don Kellmel is establishing the Dr. Donald and Eileen Kellmel Scholarship, which will support full-time undergraduate students majoring in electrical engineering or computer science and engineering who are from Luzerne County.

IBM executives join Service Enterprise Engineering advisory board


Jim Spohrer and Utpal Mangla, executives with international computer company IBM, recently joined Service Enterprise Engineering's (SEE) advisory board.

Improved physical therapy for Achilles tendon injuries possible


To enhance the recovery of patients with Achilles tendon injuries, Daniel Humberto Cortes Correales, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Penn State, received $600,000 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Trustees approve plans, funds for new West 1 engineering building


The Board of Trustees today (May 7) approved the final plans and construction of a new engineering research and teaching space at the University Park campus.

Aerospace engineering student receives U.S. Department of Defense scholarship


David Schwab, doctoral student in aerospace engineering at Penn State, has been awarded the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship.

June 9 webinar to focus on adaptive architecture research, collaboration


The Convergence Center for Living Multifunctional Material Systems announced a webinar titled "Future Directions in Adaptive Architecture."

Department of Mechanical Engineering recognizes exceptional undergrads


The Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering is recognizing the achievements of several undergraduate students through its annual awards.

Philanthropist and business leader Skip Smith endows directorship for Arboretum


Charles H. "Skip" Smith, the Penn State alumnus and philanthropist who launched construction on The Arboretum at Penn State with a landmark gift in 2007, has made a new $3 million commitment to ensure strong leadership for the Arboretum far into the future.

Empathy in design: Learning human factors for biomedical devices


While working in the medical devices industry as a biomedical engineer, Michelle Hatch began shopping for graduate programs that she could complete in her spare time.

Engineering students and clubs recognized with leadership and service awards


Penn State recognized its recipients for student service and leadership awards and student organization and involvement awards?during the week of April 26.

The micro-environment of breast cancer in three dimensions


Penn State engineers used 3D bio printing to study how cancerous tumors communicate with their environment to aggressively invade.

College of Engineering hosts inaugural Engineering Equity Summit


The inaugural Engineering Equity Summit, presented by the College of Engineering Diversity Student Round Table, took place virtually on April 10-11.

Electrical engineering researchers receive best paper award


Three Penn State electrical engineering researchers were recently awarded the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing (EDTM) Conference first place best paper award.

Engineering students earn scholarships from international society


The Vertical Flight Society (VFS) awarded Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF) scholarships to three Penn State engineering students.

Aerospace engineering undergraduate joins inaugural Patti Grace Smith class


The memory of Patti Grace Smith, a teen plaintiff in a United States Supreme Court case that resulted in the desegregation of Alabama schools who would later become head of Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation, is continuing to inspire the next generation of aerospace pioneers.

Lavender Recognition to be held on April 30


The year 2021 marks the 20th celebration of LGBTQ+ graduates during the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity's Lavender Recognition ceremony.

Worker-centered human robot partnerships -- a new chapter in construction


In the future, humans may interact with artificially intelligent heavy machines, self-optimizing collaborative robots, unmanned terrestrial and aerial vehicles, and other autonomous systems, according to a team of Penn State engineers.

10 engineering students awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships


Ten outstanding students in the College of Engineering were recognized for their research and potential by the National Science Foundation.

Student team challenged to create and test fully autonomous car


A cohort of students on the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team were selected for the 2021 AutoDrive Challenge, sponsored by SAE International and General Motors.

Skin and bones repaired by bioprinting during surgery


Fixing traumatic injuries to the skin and bones of the face and skull is difficult because of the many layers of different types of tissues involved, but now, researchers have repaired such defects in a rat model using bioprinting during surgery, and their work may lead to faster and better methods of healing skin and bones.

College of Engineering announces Research Symposium winners


The Penn State Engineering Graduate Student Council has announced the winners of the College of Engineering Research Symposium, held on Wednesday, April 14, on the virtual platform Gather.

College of Engineering announces spring 2021 student marshals


Fifteen graduating seniors from the College of Engineering have been selected to serve as student marshals for Penn State’s spring commencement ceremony.

Penn State launches new artificial intelligence center for engineered systems


A newly founded, interdisciplinary research center established to further foundational and applied artificial intelligence (AI) in engineered systems will bring together expertise from 75 researchers representing 24 academic units across Penn State.

Chen earns Frisbey International Student Award


Ang Chen, a junior majoring in electrical engineering in the College of Engineering at Penn State, and a Schreyer Scholar, has been awarded the University's 2021 Ardeth and Norman Frisbey International Student Award for undergraduates.

Engineering assistant professor honored with President's Award for Engagement


Jessica Menold, the Hartz Family Career Development Assistant Professor of Engineering Design and Mechanical Engineering, was recently recognized for her student recruitment and retention efforts with the President's Award for Engagement.

McKay, Myers, Rosen, Santos, Wolfs named 2021 Oswald Award winners


Five Penn State students in their respective areas of leadership have been honored with the 2021 John W. Oswald Award.

Penn State joins Public Interest Technology University Network


Penn State has joined Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN), a Public Interest Technology project focused on fostering collaborations between colleges and universities committed to growing the public interest technology field and educating the next generation of civic-minded technology experts.

2021 graduate launching career with the help of Engineering Ambassadors


Mechanical engineering's Amanda Hildenbrand shares her passion for engineering and translates it to career success, bolstered by Raytheon Technologies.

Engel-Herbert honored with 2021 Support Staff Award


Mandy Engel-Herbert, educational program assistant in the Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering in College of Engineering, has been honored with Penn State's 2021 Support Staff Award.

Engineering doctoral student receives U.S. Department of Defense scholarship


Sierra Yost, a first-year doctoral student in chemical engineering at Penn State, has been awarded the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship.

Engineering faculty receives NSF CAREER Award for simulation analysis research


Eunhye Song, Harold and Inge Marcus Early Career Assistant Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State, received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award to support her work in simulation analysis and quantifying model risk in simulations.

Six faculty members receive 2021 Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching


Six Penn State faculty members have received the 2021 George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Smart Health Research Colloquium to be held April 28


Penn State Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT) will host its virtual Smart Health Research Colloquium from 4:30 to 6 p.m. on April 28.

A message from Dean Justin Schwartz


Dean Justin Schwartz shared a message with the Penn State College of Engineering community following the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

Engineering professor receives NSF CAREER Award to advance robot ethics research


Alan Wagner, Hartz Family Career Development Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Penn State, received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award to support his research in human-robot interactions.

Helpful, engineered 'living' machines in the future?


Engineered, autonomous machines combined with artificial intelligence have long been a staple of science fiction, and often in the role of villain like the Cylons in the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot, creatures composed of biological and engineered materials. But what if these autonomous soft machines were helpful?

Researcher named to international Mobile Security Hall of Fame


Syed Rafiul Hussain, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, has been named to the GSMA Mobile Security Hall of Fame for his contributions to exposing vulnerabilities in 4G and 5G cellular networks.

Engineering dean speaks on UN panel discussing high-performance buildings


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which includes the United States, prefaced its 69th session with a special virtual panel on high-performance buildings at 10 a.m. ET on April 19.

Facilities Engineering Institute charges forward with a more sustainable fleet


White paint, blue license plates and departmental fuel cards are synonymous with Penn State fleet vehicles. Over the next few years, Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) staff hope terms like electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent (MPGe) will also become commonplace within Penn State Fleet Operations.

Five startup teams selected for 2021 Summer Founders program


The Summer Founders program selected five teams from a pool of applicants spanning eight different Penn State campuses, four academic colleges, and The Graduate School at Penn State.

Fundraising initiative to honor Rob Pangborn, benefit Student Success Center


In the fall of 2020, as Rob Pangborn prepared to conclude his 41-year Penn State career and retire from his post as vice president and dean for Undergraduate Education in December, his friends, associates and colleagues launched an initiative to honor his legacy.

Penn State, central Pennsylvania host 'Remake Learning' events in April, May


Penn State and central Pennsylvania will host more than 40 events this spring in conjunction with "Remake Learning Days Across America," a festival of innovation intended to encourage creativity, perseverance and curiosity among youth from pre-K through high school.

College of Engineering names inaugural 40 Under 40 Alumni Award honorees


The Penn State College of Engineering has selected the first cohort of honorees as part of its new 40 Under 40 Alumni Award program, which recognizes graduates who are 40 years old or younger for their early career impact.

Engineering doctoral student receives Alumni Association scholarship award


Zhenyuan Yuan, a third-year doctoral student in electrical engineering, has been awarded the Penn State Alumni Association Scholarship for Penn State Alumni in the Graduate School.

Lucas establishes scholarship for honors engineering students


Patrick Lucas took multiple honors courses during his first two years at Penn State. His professors were often surprised to discover that the industrial engineering student wasn’t in the Schreyer Honors College.

Wind Energy Club prepares to compete in Collegiate Wind Competition


Each year since 2014, the Penn State Wind Energy Club has competed in the United States Department of Energy (DOE) Collegiate Wind Competition, taking home more first place wins than any other team.

Stretching the boundaries of medical tech with wearable antennas


Current research on flexible electronics is paving the way for wireless sensors that can be worn on the body and collect a variety of medical data. But where do the data go?

Next on 'Digging Deeper': 3D printing and Penn State's use of the technology


Penn State President Eric Barron and University guests will talk about the advances that have been made in 3D printing, how it can be used to make a difference in people's lives, and what Penn State is doing with the technology during the next episode of WPSU's "Digging Deeper" on Sunday, April 18.

Three Penn State juniors named Goldwater Scholars


Three Penn State juniors have been named Goldwater Scholars by the Barry M. Goldwater Foundation, which recognizes undergraduate students in the fields of natural science, engineering and mathematics who are interested in a career in research.

Global Engineering Engagement hosts inaugural student-focused conference


The Penn State Center for Global Engineering Engagement hosted its inaugural student-centered spring conference, "Engineering Your Global Experiences: Building Global Competencies for the Future Engineering Workforce," virtually on April 1.

Insights into hummingbird-inspired robots the focus of award-winning thesis


Suyash Agrawal, a mechanical engineering graduate student, has earned a Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award from the Penn State Graduate School for his research exploring hummingbird flight to mimic their mobility in robotics.

Making meeting easier with the Sweet Spot Scheduler


Most Penn State faculty and staff find Microsoft Outlook useful to schedule individual appointments, but they rarely enter their semester-long teaching schedules into the Outlook system, making it difficult to schedule departmental meetings.

NSF CAREER Award helps researcher light the way to better optical devices


Xingjie Ni, assistant professor of electrical engineering at Penn State, has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award to develop new architecture for smaller scale, on-chip optical devices that also have greater light controllability.

Grad student aims to improve structural monitoring in 3D printing


Susheel Dharmadhikari, a doctoral student in the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded the 2021 AT&T Graduate Fellowship to help determine the safety and stability of additively manufactured, or 3D-printed, metal components.

New digital badges add skill-enriching opportunities for engineering students


In the ever-evolving engineering education landscape, the Penn State School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP) recognizes the role professional skills play in its students' future careers.

Antibody binding-site conserved across COVID-19 virus variants


A tiny protein of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that gives rise to COVID-19, may have big implications for future treatments, according to a team of Penn State researchers.

Dr. Robert Harbaugh earns national lifetime achievement award in neurosurgery


Shortly before he applied to medical school at Penn State College of Medicine in the 1970s, Dr. Robert Harbaugh read a biography of Dr. Harvey Cushing, a pioneer in neurosurgery and the first doctor to identify the condition now known as Cushing's disease.

Engineering student gains real-world insight during internship experience


With thousands of startup companies emerging each year -- many located in State College -- the need for qualified employees with a passion for entrepreneurship continues to grow.

Graduate student excellence celebrated at virtual awards ceremony


Graduate student award recipients were celebrated during the annual Graduate Student Recognition Ceremony where 10 awards to more than 30 graduate students in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Newly elected national aerospace leader reflects on industry trends


Amy Pritchett, professor and head of Penn State’s Department of Aerospace Engineering, was recently appointed chair of the Aerospace Department Chairs Association (ADCA) for a two-year term.

Architectural engineering professor receives grant for color science course


Dorukalp "Alp" Durmus, assistant professor of architectural engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering, received a $30,000 grant from the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education to establish a new color science course, "Color Science for Architecture, Design and Engineering."

Graduate student receives American Society of Civil Engineers award


Min Liew, a doctoral candidate studying civil engineering at Penn State, has been named a recipient of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Central Pennsylvania Section 2020 Student Award.

Irmak to lead Penn State Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Suat Irmak, Harold W. Eberhard Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has been named head of Penn State's Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, effective July 1.

Penn State partners to launch NSF's Engineering Research Visioning Alliance


The National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Engineering today (April 7) launched the Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA), the first engineering research-visioning organization of its kind.

Students from around the world participate in a virtual version of HackPSU


The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop 644 students from around the world from participating in a virtual version of HackPSU.

EarthTalks: Head of nuclear engineering looks to stars for clean energy


The National Academy of Engineering identified the harnessing of energy from nuclear fusion, the same process that powers the sun, as one of the grand challenges of this century.

2021 Graduate Exhibition award winners announced


Forty-three graduate students received awards for their research and creative scholarship in the 36th Annual Graduate Exhibition.

Additive Manufacturing and Design Program names new director


The additive manufacturing and design (AMD) program at Penn State has named Allison Beese, associate professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering, as its next director.

Subscription database for dancers pitch wins 2021 IdeaMakers Challenge


On March 24, five interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate students pitched their ideas during the final round of the IdeaMakers Challenge.

Exploring culture, gender and risk-taking in design


As the demand for innovative and creative solutions to problems increases, so does the need for inventive and resourceful individuals.

Five Penn State research teams earn Manufacturing PA Innovation Grants


Penn State has been awarded five grants through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Manufacturing PA initiative.

'Decoding Big Tech' webinar to offer conversations around policy and big tech


Tackling issues in technology requires robust solutions that prioritize people's interest, but currently, there are many roadblocks to pass legislation to accomplish this.

Finding the way: Engineering students create a simpler scheduler


With nearly 100 radioactive material labs that require routine support and annual surveys at Penn State's University Park campus, the Penn State Office of the Physical Plant (OPP) Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) radiation protection group needed a tight, fast and effective schedule for workers to stay socially distanced.

New undergraduate engineering lab successfully stays 'hands-on' during pandemic


When Penn State transitioned to online learning amid the pandemic, faculty sought ways to translate an engineering curriculum to an all-virtual environment.

Kirigami-style fabrication may enable new 3D nanostructures


A new technique that mimics the ancient Japanese art of kirigami may offer an easier way to fabricate complex 3D nanostructures for use in electronics, manufacturing and health care.

Urban agriculture can help, but not solve, city food security problems


While urban agriculture can play a role in supporting food supply chains for many major American cities -- contributing to food diversity, sustainability and localizing food systems -- it is unrealistic to expect rooftop gardens, community plots and the like to provide the majority of nutrition for the population of a metropolis.

Distinguished professor testifies before Congress on sustainable aviation


As a leading expert in gas turbine technology, Karen A. Thole, distinguished professor and mechanical engineering department head at Penn State, provided testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives on March 24, highlighting a pathway for sustainable aviation.

Penn State student team earns top prize in national consulting competition


A group of four Penn State students claimed first place in the Deloitte Undergraduate Case Competition.

Researchers harvest energy from radio waves to power wearable devices


From microwave ovens to Wi-Fi connections, the radio waves that permeate the environment are not just signals of energy consumed but are also sources of energy themselves.

University-wide COVID-19 response initiative marks a year of solutions, impact


One year ago, as physicians and administrators at Penn State Health's Milton S. Hershey Medical Center prepared for the impact of COVID-19, a consortium of Penn State researchers joined together to make a positive impact.

Bardusch family establishes endowment to support IdeaMakers Challenge


For Bob Bardusch, innovation and entrepreneurship have been integral to his career success.

Lion LaunchPad in search of incoming students for special living option


Lion LaunchPad (LLP) is looking to attract incoming first-year students to its special living option for entrepreneurially minded students.

Smart materials could pose solution for big-data bottleneck in future cities


In smart cities of the future, sensors distributed throughout buildings and bridges could monitor infrastructure health.

Wireless sensors track sanitizer use, optimize replacement and refill operations


To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, Penn State deployed nearly 6,000 hand sanitizer stations across its campuses for the fall 2020 semester, with almost 3,000 stations installed at the University Park campus.

New computational methods allow for accurate determination of gene expression


A more accurate measurement and interpretation of gene activities, using large volumes of sequencing data, may be possible with a new computational framework and set of algorithms currently being developed by Penn State researchers.

Alumna recognized for her impact in combustion engines and fuels


Penn State alumna Elana Chapman, senior fuels and biofuels engineer at General Motors, has been recognized for her impacts within the fuel industry.

Facilities Engineering Institute helps Commonwealth of Pennsylvania source solar


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is leading by example to reduce carbon emissions, thanks in part to the work of the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) energy team.

Propulsion expert joins aerospace engineering faculty


The first thing David Hall noticed about Penn State was the collaboration among faculty and students.

Antibody injections could become more affordable with new production method


Antibody injections are a highly desirable treatment for people with chronic diseases such as cancer, psoriasis, Crohn's disease and arthritis.

Building better human-bot cybersecurity teams


A multi-university team has won a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) Award.

Chemical engineering professor named fellow of national society


Bryan Vogt, professor of chemical engineering at Penn State, was named a 2021 fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE).

Stewart Kurtz remembered for his impact on materials research at Penn State


Penn State faculty, staff and students are mourning the loss of Stewart Kurtz, professor emeritus of electrical engineering, who died Feb. 13 at age 89.

Hands-on curriculum to electrify undergraduate engineering


When Tim Kane, Penn State professor of electrical engineering, thinks about the important components of undergraduate engineering curriculum, he says keeping the big picture in mind is key.

Center for Socially Responsible AI announces inaugural seed funding awards


The Penn State Center for Socially Responsible Artificial Intelligence recently announced the recipients of its inaugural round of seed funding.

Class of 2025 invited to attend 'A Virtual Welcome to the Penn State Community'


Accepted students and their families, as well as students and families considering applying to Penn State, are invited to watch the livestream event, "Class of 2025: A Virtual 'Welcome to the Penn State Community,'" to be held at 4 p.m. ET on March 25.

Engineering faculty, staff and alumni honored for exceptional contributions


The Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS) is recognizing the below faculty, staff and alumni of the Penn State College of Engineering for their outstanding teaching, research, advising and service.

Schreyer Scholar looking to apply machine learning to track viral diseases


Chris Vo knows it can be easy to get caught up in the stress of grades or exams. But the Schreyer Scholar and computer science major tries not to lose sight of his larger academic goal.

Inexpensive tin packs a big punch for the future of supercapacitors


A sustainable, powerful micro-supercapacitor may be on the horizon, thanks to an international collaboration of researchers from Penn State and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Fund supports aerospace engineering students' hands-on learning


Aerospace engineering students across the country can explore a myriad of challenges in their courses, from designing their own drone to developing technology that could be installed on the moon. At Penn State, students can take these engineering projects one step further.

Men's hockey forward finds a home in industrial engineering


Adam Pilewicz, number 24 on the Penn State men’s hockey team, has put in four years of hard work on the team, and opponents and fans alike have taken notice.

Sincerely, Xobni founder Matt Brezina to speak during Startup Week


From State College to Silicon Valley, Matt Brezina (class of 2003) is one of Penn State's most successful tech entrepreneurs, founding multimillion-dollar companies that include Sincerely and Xobni.

Co-keynotes to share value of Penn State Alumni Network


With more than 700,000 alumni alive today, the Penn State network can play a pivotal role in helping fuel students' career growth.

Mentor Collective connects and empowers engineering students


For engineering students, navigating the ins and outs of their academic experience can be a hefty task, even with help from professors and academic advisers.

$100K nuclear engineering alumnus gift supports reactor licensing program


For Don and Julie Moul, Penn State has been the touchstone in their lives, the place that feels most like home amidst career changes and moves.

Intern builds confidence through work with startup in entrepreneurship program


For Jeanette Debek, the problem-solving nature of entrepreneurship sparks a special type of excitement.

Neuroethics researcher and professor joins Penn State


Laura Cabrera, a researcher in neuroethics and neurotechnologies, joined the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics as an associate professor on March 1.

Penn State IST course teaches theory behind COVID-19 public health guidelines


Wash your hands. Stay six feet apart. Wear a mask. These are the messages that have been conveyed by public health officials for the past year to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Professor receives IEEE Computer Society technical achievement award


Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, A. Robert Noll Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, recently received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society's 2021 Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award.

Sushi-like rolled 2D heterostructures may lead to new miniaturized electronics


The recent synthesis of one-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures, a type of heterostructure made by layering two-dimensional materials that are one atom thick, may lead to new, miniaturized electronics that are currently not possible, according to a team of Penn State and University of Tokyo researchers.

Addressing the energy, environmental complexities of urban areas


Cities can be paradoxes when it comes to energy and the environment. For example, in a city, people live in a dense infrastructure of housing and businesses. In this scenario, one possible positive opportunity is the reduction of transportation and the pollution and energy use that come with it.

Architecture professor's firm named Emerging Voices competition winner


Low Design Office (LOWDO), an architecture and integrated design firm co-founded by DK Osseo-Asare, assistant professor of architecture and engineering design at Penn State, has been named a winner of the Architectural League of New York's Emerging Voices 21 competition.

Climate dynamics seminar examines data, disasters and urban supply chains


Keeping grocery store shelves stocked in cities after heat waves cause crop and livestock losses is a challenge.

Global Building Network online bibliography produced by University Libraries


Penn State University Libraries' Open Publishing unit recently published a digital bibliography, Global Building Network, which houses resources to support the Global Building Network (GBN), a joint initiative between Penn State and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Materials Research Institute announces seed grant recipients


The Penn State Materials Research Institute (MRI) has announced the 2021 recipients of seed grants that will enable University faculty to establish new collaborations with partners outside their own units for exploration of transformative ideas for high-impact materials science and engineering.

Student teams to compete on WPSU's 'The Investment'


The top six Penn State student startup teams have been selected for the 2021 Inc.U Competition and will compete on WPSU's Shark Tank-style TV show "The Investment" for a chance at a share of up to $30,000 in funding for their startup.

Uncomfortably uncertain: Understanding 'and' in COVID-19 research


Bill Warren, Penn State alumnus and now the vice president and leader of a biotech unit embedded within the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, often refers to the 13th-century poet Rumi in his work focused on accelerating next-generation influenza vaccine projects.

Engineering science and mechanics professor named 2021 Scialog Fellow


Huanyu "Larry" Cheng, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Professor in Penn State's Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, has been named a 2021 Scialog Fellow by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.

From secondary teachers to architectural engineering researchers


In Pennsylvania, secondary education standards are designed to help students understand and use science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as the fields evolve.

Hands-on education and evaluation equate to hands-on efficacy


To navigate the evolving industry landscape, today’s engineers complement their technical breath, theoretical understanding and practical application abilities with professional proficiencies such as innovation, creativity and interpersonal skills.

Preventing injuries and improving recovery with micro-Doppler radars


Micro-Doppler radars could soon be used in clinical settings to predict injury risk and track recovery progress, according to Penn State researchers.

Aerospace engineering alumna selected as 2021 NASA flight director


Since second grade, Chloe Mehring dreamed of space. She went to Space Camp in junior high, researched NASA careers in high school and studied aerospace engineering in college to follow her aspirations.

Engineering researcher receives CAREER Award to develop straintronic tech


With a five-year, $500,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, Saptarshi Das, assistant professor of engineering science and mechanics, plans to develop a new nanoelectronic technology to reduce the energy consumed by computing on a global scale.

Study aids local decision-making in reopening places of worship amidst COVID-19


Under Pennsylvania COVID-19 mitigation guidelines, places of worship are not specified, leaving it to the discretion of leaders to decide when and how to reopen their buildings to in-person worship while still following masking and physical distancing protocols.

Engineering science student receives Acoustical Society of America award


Nathan Kizer, a senior studying engineering science in the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, received a $500 award for his honors thesis work from the Acoustical Society of America.

Engineering students flex their communication skills at speaking contest


The Penn State College of Engineering's Leonhard Center for Enhancement of Engineering Education held its semiannual speaking contest on Feb. 10, showcasing students' skills in translating complex technical knowledge into engaging narratives.

Penn State researchers receive patent for light-altering acoustic technology


From navigating ships and submarines using sonar to imaging organs in the human body using ultrasound technology, scientists and engineers have studied the numerous applications of sound waves for decades.

Engineering dean speaks on panel about equity in engineering education


Justin Schwartz, Harold and Inge Marcus Dean in the College of Engineering at Penn State, highlighted the college's efforts to improve equity in engineering during a virtual forum hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Feb. 24.

Penn State tied for first nationally in NSF rankings reflecting research breadth


Penn State's research enterprise ranks first nationally, tied with Johns Hopkins University, in the breadth and depth of its expertise, according to the latest National Science Foundation rankings of Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) research expenditures by key fields and subfields in science and engineering, released in January 2021.

Second Energy University forum to focus on education March 5


Penn State faculty, staff and students are invited to take part in the second forum designed to discuss how Penn State can continue to strengthen its position as an energy leader.

School of EECS to host two virtual summer camps for girls


One individual designed and built her own radio. Another created a hat that lit up in response to different movements. Others experimented with the equipment in a Motion Capture Lab, and many taught robots how to dance.

Doctoral student applies smart maintenance techniques to industry


For Kai-Wen Tien, doctoral candidate in the Penn State College of Engineering's Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME), a conversation with his former professor about manufacturing in his home country inspired his passion for engineering.

EarthTalks examines the carbon footprint of the built environment


Esther Obonyo, associate professor of engineering design and architectural engineering at Penn State, will discuss ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment at 4 p.m. Monday, March 1.

Taking future wireless technology from science fiction to scientific reality


Self-driving cars that "see" through obstacles and maneuver accordingly. A sensor that scans a liquid for calorie count and dangerous or poisonous content. A drone that detects exact amounts of soil moisture while hovering above crop fields. All of these futuristic-sounding devices are moving closer to reality, thanks to research being conducted by Mahanth Gowda, assistant professor of computer science and engineering at Penn State, with a three-year, $250,000 National Science Foundation grant.

Designing and developing the future


After spending four years as a mechanical design engineer at Allegion in Bengaluru, India, Sharath Ramachandran wanted to find a way to enrich his undergraduate mechanical engineering education.

Virtual lecture series to highlight women advancing river research


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Penn State is co-hosting a new series of virtual lectures to feature the contributions of women to river research.

$2.2 million raised to date for construction engineering and management program


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Penn State recently reached $2.2 million in its fundraising campaign to reestablish a program in construction engineering and management (CEM) for civil engineering undergraduate students.

Chemical engineering professor named 'Young Observer' by international union


Christian Pester, Thomas K. Hepler Early Career Professor of Chemical Engineering at Penn State, has been selected for the 2021 Young Observer Program by the U.S. National Committee (USNC) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Engineering professor named Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow


Jean-Michel Mongeau, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, has been named an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow -- the first Penn State College of Engineering researcher to receive the distinction.

Biomedical engineer elected to two national societies


Keefe Manning, professor of biomedical engineering and surgery at Penn State, has been elected as a fellow of both the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

FacultyXchange connects biodevices researchers in academia, industry


The Center for Biodevices in the College of Engineering at Penn State hosted its second annual Faculty Xchange on Feb. 10. More than 165 researchers and clinicians attended the virtual event.

Mechanical engineering faculty member named distinguished professor


In recognition of his contributions to Penn State and to the knowledge surrounding reactive force fields, Adri van Duin has been named a distinguished professor of mechanical engineering.

A new course among early achievements for aerospace engineering faculty member


Since joining Penn State's College of Engineering in August 2019, Daning Huang has made quick work of advancing his research and teaching mission as assistant professor of aerospace engineering.

Army grant could advance high-grade steel 3D printing


Researchers in the Penn State College of Engineering received $434,000 from the United States Army to develop additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, techniques for high strength steels and alloys.

Chemical engineering faculty member named distinguished professor


Seong Kim has been named a distinguished professor of chemical engineering by the Penn State Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for his academic contributions to the Penn State community.

Engineer testifies on COVID-19 mitigation before congressional committee


William P. Bahnfleth, professor of architectural engineering at Penn State, testified as an expert witness during the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure's hearing, "Protecting Transportation Workers and Passengers from COVID: Gaps in Safety, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps," on Feb. 4.

Engineering science and mechanics researcher named International Chair Professor


Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Evan Pugh University Professor and Charles Godfrey Binder Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM), was recently named International Chair Professor of the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) in Taiwan.

Industrial engineering faculty receives a distinguished professorship


Jose Ventura has been promoted to distinguished professor of industrial engineering at Penn State. His new appointment began Jan. 15.

NSF CAREER Award to be used for developing new method of nucleic acid testing


The development of more sensitive, portable and fully electronic nucleic acid testing (NAT) is underway, with efforts led by Weihua Guan, assistant professor of electrical engineering at Penn State and recipient of a five-year, $500,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award for this research.

Researchers awarded $1.5M to create stem cell predictive model


Stem cells are the building blocks of the body, according to Penn State researchers. Though similar to one another at their origins, stem cells take on unique characteristics as they mature, becoming specialized cells throughout the body -- such as bone, muscle, ligament, tissue or other organ cells.

Aerospace engineer takes fluid approach for creative problem-solving


To Mark Miller, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, engineering is about imagination.

Changing cropping systems in impaired watersheds can produce water quality gains


Growing the right crop in the right place within an impaired watershed can achieve significant water quality improvements, according to Penn State researchers, who conducted a novel study in the drainage of a Susquehanna River tributary in an agricultural area in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Explaining patterns, one model at a time


A flock of birds moves in a way that seems random yet orderly. A ceiling fan rattles at a certain speed. Exploring the patterns of everyday phenomena is what piqued Joe Cusumano's interest in dynamics.

Pennsylvania Housing Research Center Housing Conference to be held March 3-4


The Pennsylvania Housing Research Center (PHRC), housed in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Penn State, will host the 29th annual PHRC Housing Conference from March 3-4 online.

Research at Penn State aims to improve air quality in cage-free poultry houses


Research carried out by faculty in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is helping commercial poultry operations -- some with multiple buildings each housing between 20,000 and 50,000 hens -- convert from traditional caged housing to noncaged systems while safeguarding animal and employee safety.

College of Engineering awards six Multidisciplinary Research Seed Grants


The Penn State College of Engineering recently awarded more than $300,000 to six project teams through its Multidisciplinary Research Seed Grants program.

Machine learning algorithm may be the key to timely, inexpensive cyber-defense


Attacks on vulnerable computer networks and cyber-infrastructure -- often called zero-day attacks -- can quickly overwhelm traditional defenses, resulting in billions of dollars of damage and requiring weeks of manual patching work to shore up the systems after the intrusion.

National conference featured architectural engineering department with virtual tour


The Penn State Department of Architectural Engineering (AE) hosted a virtual tour during the Partners in Science Conference on Jan. 16.

Penn State selects four juniors for Goldwater Scholarship


Penn State recently announced its four candidates for the 2021 Goldwater Scholarship, a highly competitive national award given to undergraduates in the fields of natural science, engineering and mathematics who are interested in a career in research.

Transistors built from ultra-thin 2D materials take a step forward


Two-dimensional materials can be used to create smaller, high-performance transistors traditionally made of silicon, according to Saptarshi Das, assistant professor of engineering science and mechanics in Penn State's College of Engineering.

IST course aims to build impactful user-friendly tech


Helping users interact with information technology in a way that could potentially impact the world was the objective of a semester-long fall project in HCI: The User and Technology, a graduate level course in the College of Information Sciences and Technology.

Undergrad student makes strides in mobility research


Hannah Luben, a Penn State mechanical engineering senior, said, "I'm passionate about two things -- mechanical engineering and helping people."

Investigating Amelia Earhart's disappearance mystery with neutrons


It was 11-year-old Logan's turn to choose a television show to watch with his dad, Daniel Beck, in October of 2020. Logan turned on the National Geographic channel, which was airing the 2019 documentary "Expedition Amelia."

Wearable sensor monitors health, administers drugs using saliva and tears


A new kind of wearable health device would deliver real-time medical data to those with eye or mouth diseases, according to Huanyu ?"Larry" Cheng, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development Professor in the Penn State Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM).

$8 million NASA grant pilots course to hybrid-powered aircraft


Leading a diverse, collaborative coalition that spans universities, industry and disciplines, Penn State has been awarded $8 million from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to chart the course for hybrid electric aircraft.

Aerospace engineering student named fellow for international program


Jason Cornelius, doctoral student in aerospace engineering, has been selected as a Stanford United States-Russia Forum (SURF) fellow for the 2020-21 program.

Computer science and engineering faculty member named distinguished professor


Mahmut Taylan Kandemir, professor of computer science and engineering at Penn State, has been named a distinguished professor, one of the highest professorial distinctions at the University.

Engineering design faculty member awarded Hartz early career professorship


Jessica Menold, assistant professor of engineering design and mechanical engineering at Penn State, recently received the Hartz Family Career Development Professorship in Engineering.

Mechanical engineering professor named ASME fellow


Jacqueline O'Connor, associate professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Center for Gas Turbine Research, Education, and Outreach at Penn State, has been named a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Biomedical engineering professor named 'Rising Star' by professional society


Scott Medina, assistant professor of biomedical engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering, received a 2021 Rising Star Award from the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Special Interest Group (CMBE SIG).

How we talk about energy


Complex units for measurement, uneven accounting systems and regional energy dependencies all make it difficult to understand how energy is used around the world, according to researchers in Penn State's College of Engineering.

Penn State vies in finals of international collegiate cybersecurity competition


For the second consecutive year, Penn State advanced to the international finals of the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition, the world's largest offensive-based collegiate cybersecurity competition.

Toxin-antitoxin function fuels antibiotic-resistance research


Toxin-antitoxin (TA) systems are now known to negatively control plasmid replication, according to Thomas Wood, Biotechnology Endowed Chair and professor of chemical engineering in the Penn State College of Engineering.

$500,000 grant funds creation of institute to advance AI for materials science


A National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will help lay the foundation for an interdisciplinary institute that encourages the use of artificial intelligence-enabled materials discovery, design and synthesis, according to a team of researchers.

Multidisciplinary researcher bridges Penn State departments as first joint hire


Nina Lauharatanahirun joined Penn State’s College of Engineering and College of Health and Human Development on Jan. 1 as an assistant professor of biomedical engineering and biobehavioral health.

Therapeutic cell researcher joins biomedical engineering and Huck Institutes


Yuguo "Leo" Lei joined the Penn State Department of Biomedical Engineering as an associate professor and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences as the inaugural faculty director of the Sartorius Cell Culture Facility in a joint appointment on Jan. 1.

Engineering design faculty member awarded early career professorship


Christopher McComb, assistant professor of engineering design in the Penn State School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP), recently received the James L. Henderson, Jr. Memorial Professorship.

Mechanical engineering undergrad named to petroleum collegiate council


Tyler Adams, an undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering at Penn State, has been appointed to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Petroleum Division Collegiate Council.

NASA engineer turned faculty member inspires the next aerospace generation


In the short time since Eric Greenwood joined Penn State's College of Engineering, he has worked to inspire his students to foster their creativity to solve real-world problems in the classroom and in the laboratory.

Pushing the boundary forward: Researcher's achievements honored with two awards


As a high school student in China, Jing Yang, now assistant professor of electrical engineering at Penn State, said she faced pressure from her community and her family to not go into a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) field.

U.S. News ranks Penn State among the best institutions for online programs


For the fifth straight year, Penn State is the most recognized university in U.S. News and World Report's annual rankings of the best online degree programs in the country.

Chemical engineering alumnus named to Forbes '30 Under 30' list


Penn State chemical engineering alumnus and Schreyer Scholar Paul Suhey has been named to the 2021 Forbes "30 Under 30" list for the consumer technology industry.

Virtual undergraduate lab shows promise, enhances learning


Bolstering their efforts to transform the undergraduate laboratory curriculum, researchers in the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) recently published their innovative methods to engage students and enhance their learning in the American Society of Engineering Education's Advances in Engineering Education.

Merging technologies with color to avoid design failures


Various software packages can be used to evaluate products and predict failure; however, these packages are extremely computationally intensive and take a significant amount of time to produce a solution. Quicker solutions mean less accurate results.

Inexpensive battery charges rapidly for electric vehicles, reduces range anxiety


Range anxiety, the fear of running out of power before being able to recharge an electric vehicle, may be a thing of the past, according to a team of Penn State engineers who are looking at lithium iron phosphate batteries that have a range of 250 miles with the ability to charge in 10 minutes.

Increased blood flow during sleep tied to critical brain function


Our brains experience significant changes in blood flow and neural activity during sleep, according to Penn State researchers.

Let's talk about mentoring: Program prepares engineers for life after graduation


A rush of questions often enter the minds of engineering students as they prepare for their careers: "What courses should I take?" "How do I write a resume?" "How can I improve my interviewing skills?"

Remembering Gifford Albright, first architectural engineering department head


Gifford "Giff" Albright, the first head of the Department of Architectural Engineering (AE) in Penn State's College of Engineering, died on Dec. 30, 2020, in State College.

Report calls for multipronged action to mitigate small aircraft lead emissions


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released on Jan. 12 a congressionally mandated report on reducing lead emissions from small aircraft -- the single largest lead emitter in the United States.

Connecting heat transfer, additive manufacturing motivates undergrad researcher


As a senior majoring in mechanical engineering (ME) at Penn State, Nicholas Evich is confident in his ability as a researcher.

Engineer awarded NSF grant to investigate acoustic graphene properties


Penn State researchers received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to further explore the characteristics of an acoustic technology inspired by nanoscale electronics.

Engineering and physical plant partner to keep campus clean


In spring 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought in-person classes at Penn State to a halt, as the semester moved remote after spring break for the remainder of the academic year.

$541K Office of Naval Research grant could enhance aircraft performance


Researchers in the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering received $541,167 to accelerate the designs of higher performing, more efficient and safer aircraft for the United States Navy.

New engineering scholarship honors parents


Neither Bernard nor Florence Rokosz attended college. Bernard worked long hours as a truck driver and Florence was a bookkeeper to ensure all four of their daughters would graduate from college without debt.

Mechanical engineering alumnus' legacy honored through student scholarships


As a graduate student in mechanical engineering at Penn State, Guntas Malhotra was drawn to automotive engineering. After graduating with a master's degree in 2010, he helped to pioneer new technology for Chrysler vehicles.

Engineering graduate student places second in international research competition


Mahabubul Alam, a doctoral candidate in electrical engineering at Penn State, was recently awarded second place in the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Student Research Competition at the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design.

Engineering professor named Microscopy Society of America president-elect


Deborah Kelly, Huck Chair in Molecular Biophysics and professor of biomedical engineering at Penn State, was elected president of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA). Her three-year commitment as first president-elect, then president, then past president, began in January.

Engineers find antioxidants improve nanoscale visualization of polymers


Reactive molecules, such as free radicals, can be produced in the body after exposure to certain environments or substances and go on to cause cell damage. Antioxidants can minimize this damage by interacting with the radicals before they affect cells.

Penn State graduate recognized for impactful doctoral dissertation


Nasim Imtiaz Khan, who received his doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Penn State in 2019, recently received the 2020 Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) Edward J McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award for his dissertation, "Assuring Security and Reliability of Emerging Non-Volatile Memories."

Penn State professors study ways to 'disrupt malevolent creativity'


Funding from Department of Homeland Security allows psychology professor Sam Hunter and engineering professor Scarlett Miller to study malevolent creativity and ways to disrupt, hamper -- and even stop -- it

Sustainable sign-off: Engineering faculty member retires after 37 years


Following an academic career spanning 37 years with Penn State's College of Engineering, Andy Lau, associate professor of engineering, retired on Dec. 31, 2020.

Mechanical engineering professor named Bashore Faculty Development Professor


Guha Manogharan, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering at Penn State, has been awarded the Emmert H. Bashore Faculty Development Professorship.

Resist the resistance: Fighting the good fight against bacteria


Drug-resistant bacteria could lead to more deaths than cancer by 2050, according to a report commissioned by the United Kingdom in 2014 and jointly supported by the U.K. government and the Wellcome Trust.

Service systems engineering award seeking submissions


Penn State's Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) is co-sponsoring the Outstanding Innovation in Service Systems Engineering Award competition during the annual spring Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Conference and Expo.

Engineering students draw inspiration from art to test COVID-19 biodevice


As a discipline, engineering often challenges students to fuse technical skills with creative design. During the fall semester, a Penn State College of Engineering senior capstone design group took this notion one step further through a collaboration with Bonnie Collura, professor of art and sculpture in the Penn State School of Visual Arts.

Industrial engineering alumnus creates clean energy jobs in Africa


For many, the idea of being one’s own boss is appealing -- you can make your hours, run the business and see to it that your vision is being carried forward.

Engineering professor named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors


Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, A. Robert Noll Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Penn State, has been named a 2020 fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

Penn State Society of Women Engineers wins national award


The Penn State Society of Women Engineers (SWE) received the 2020 Outstanding Collegiate Section (OCS) Gold Mission Award for the seventh consecutive year at the virtual WE20 National Conference.

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