Dissertations, Theses, and Papers

2010 – present

Min-Jung Kim, Ph.D., August 2012. Statistical Quality Methods to Monitor and Transform Healthcare Data. (Adviser: H. B. Nembhard)

Monifa Vaughn-Cooke, Ph.D., May 2012. A Multidimensional Information System for Human Reliability Assessment: Applied to Patient Adherence. (Adviser: H. B. Nembhard)

Rajeev Murugaswamy, M.S., May 2011. A Multi-echelon Facility Location Model for a Farm to School Program in Mexico. (Adviser: P. M. Griffin)

Nishanth Ramkutty, M.S., August 2010. Risk Assessment of Medical Devices. (Adviser: H. B. Nembhard)

Aurore-Laetitia Mata, M.S., May 2010. Paying Healthcare Providers: An Agency- Theoretic Approach For Chronic Disease Management. (Adviser: H. B. Nembhard)

Omar Ashour, M.Eng., December 2010. Fuzzy AHP and Utility Theory Based Patient Sorting in Emergency Departments. (Adviser: G. E. Okudan)

David Claudio, Ph.D., December 2010. Dynamic Vitals Monitoring & Patient Scheduling in the Emergency Department: Integrating Sensing Technology with Multi-Attribute Utility Theory. (Advisers: A. Freivalds and G. E. Okudan)

Yonmi Jung, M.S., December 2010. Hypertension Risk Utility Index. (Adviser: H. B. Nembhard)

Allison Lancos, M.S., December 2010. Analysis of Emergency Department Best Practices through Simulation Modeling. (Adviser: D. J. Medeiros)

Maria Velazquez, Ph.D., December 2010. Understanding the Effects of Positive and Negative Affect in Perceived Usability. (Advisers: A. Freivalds and G. E. Okudan)



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