Relevant Health Policy Administration Courses

Note: Course descriptions can be found in LionPATH.

  • HPA 503: Health Services Organizational Behavior. A systematic application of the principles of organizational behavior to understanding professional roles in health services organizations.
  • HPA 520: Introduction to Health Services Organizations and Delivery. Introduction to health systems, health services organization and healthcare delivery focused on trends, problems and issues.
  • HPA 521: Research Seminar on Health Services Organization and Delivery. An examination of seminal and current research on health services organization and delivery, emphasizing costs, access and quality. Prerequisite or Concurrent: HPA 520
  • HPA 523: Managerial Epidemiology. Introduction to the principles and methods of managerial epidemiology and its application to healthcare.
  • HPA 528: Health Data Analysis for Research. Introduction to data sources and use of software for data management and analysis in health services research.
  • HPA 545: Introduction to Health Economics. Survey of the application of economics to the roles of markets and government in healthcare.
  • HPA 551: Quality Improvement in Healthcare. Examination of major approaches to performance improvement in contemporary healthcare systems. Concurrent: HPA 523
  • HPA 561: Introduction to Research Design in Health Services Research. Review and critical analysis of state-of-the-art health services research methods.
  • HPA 563 Organizational Studies in Health Services Research. Applications of theoretical and empirical tools of organizational studies in the delivery of healthcare. Prerequisite: H P A 503 or equivalent
  • HPA 566 Advanced Methods in Health Services Research I. Advanced topics course focusing on extensions of the ordinary least squares regression model and nonlinear methods in health services research. Prerequisite: H P A 564 or equivalent
  • HPA 597A Advanced Methods in Health Services Research II. Application of advanced methods to health services research topics focused on empirical approaches to causal inference in non-experimental data. Prerequisite: H P A 564 or equivalent
  • HPA 805: Change Leadership in Health Services Organizations. Exploration of diagnostic and intervention strategies employed in planned change in health services organizations and programs.
  • HPA 822: Clinical Issues for Health Services Management. Introduction to current clinical issues in health services organizations focusing on the role of managers.
  • HPA 850: Health Care Marketing. Introduction to the theory, concepts, skills, and principles of marketing applied to health related organizations and networks. Prerequisite: HPA 520


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